by Brian Burke

The other day in the office we were talking about our greatest gaming moments (GGMs), those times when you are in the zone and playing really great. I love to game, I am just not as great as some of the other guys around the office. As a result, my GGMs are few and far between. Sadly for me, they are also fleeting.

Brian Burke Old Guy Gaming

One of my GGMs happened at the GeForce LAN 3 back in 2006. NVIDIA loves to throw big launch events for significant product releases, and GeForce LANs are my favorite part of the events. We get the chance to connect with and give back to our biggest supporters, gamers, with these LAN parties.  We bring in pizza, soft drinks, give away a bunch of free stuff and deliver a rockin’ good time.

At any GeForce LAN we always have a group of systems set up for folks that did not bring PCs, and they make for some ‘walk-up’ LAN fun. This was the site of my short but sweet GGM.

The game was Quake 4.

I played a pretty good round, in my usual middle-of-the-pack style. But then it happened. I got HOT, and it came mostly at the expense of ‘Player5.’  Armed with my trusty rocket launcher, I took out three guys that were doing battle with each other, all in one shot. I whipped around quickly and took out Player5 approaching me from behind. Then I came around a corner and Player5 re-spawned right in front of me. Spawn kill. I shot another guy as he leaped from platform to platform, for a mid-air kill. I popped Player5 again, steps before he got to a health pack. Then I blindly shot a rocket at an approaching corner and hit Player5 as he was coming around the corner in the opposite direction.

Finally, I approached the biggest room on the map, and who was waiting there, but Player5. (Queue the theme from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly). I dodged, darted and caught him in the feet with a rocket blast to end the game! There I was, on an amazing killing spree and alone at the top of the scoring list! I was jazzed.

Then some kid on the other end of the table looked over at his buddy on the opposite side of the table and said, “Hey, were you Player2”. His friend flatly replied, “No, I think it was that old guy down there.” Ouch.

Gamers giveth, and gamers taketh away. But for a few minutes in Quake 4, old guys ruled!