by Tom Petersen

This weekend at QuakeCon, I hosted a session along with Id software’s Tim Willits where we explored the history of PC gaming. We gave away a ton of good stuff provided by NVIDIA, EVGA and Id. Also the crowd got to learn about how NVIDIA has been innovating on GPUs for more than a decade and where all this effort could be taking us in the near future. You can read through my full presentaiton, below.

One of our first commercially successful GPUs was the RIVA 128 in 1997. It used cutting edge .35um technology and implemented 4M transistors to deliver 100K pixels / second of processing power. We have come a long way making gaming great with GTX 480 weighing in at 3.2B transistors which BTW is a ridiculous increase of 80,000%! Not too shabby. With that many transistors we process pixels 336 times faster today than in RIVA 128’s time. I for one am looking forward to the next decade!

For pictures from QuakeCon, check out the GeForce Facebook fan page.