by Alain Tiquet

Sixty companies will present their latest technology next month at the Emerging Companies Summit Sept. 21-23rd in San Jose, during the GPU Technology Conference. Many people have asked me for some ECS highlights, so I've decided to give a few previews of what you can expect here on the blog.

One ECS company you should check out is UsefulProgress, a Paris-based startup that is doing amazing work in the field of medical imaging. The company will be returning to the Summit again this year to show how it uses NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA technology to create stunningly detailed 3D stereo visuals from image sources such as X-ray, CRT and MRI. These two videos show how UsefulProgress technology can help physicians diagnose and repair anomalies in the brain and heart.

A CT scan of a patient’s heart is rendered in 3D, allowing doctors to diagnose an abnormality of the coronary artery and to plan for surgical intervention. In the case of the brain scan, a catheter has been implanted in a patient’s brain to drain potentially life-threatening excess fluid. Doctors can clearly see a complete visualization of the catheter and its placement.

These glimpses into the human body wouldn’t be feasible without GPU acceleration and CUDA programming, which allow UsefulProgress technology to stitch together multiple slices from image scans into one 3D volume.

UsefulProgress is just one of the many companies and research institutions which will appear at the GPU Technology Conference and Emerging Companies Summit – I'll be profiling a few more in the weeks leading up to the event. Join us in San Jose Sept. 21-23 to see more of the most innovative technology in visual computing. Register before Sept. 1 for an Early Bird discount.