by Danny Shapiro

If you're in the business of developing breakthroughs in visualization and imaging, then you won't want to miss the GPU Technology Conference next month. With over 250 technology sessions presented by industry luminaries, there’s a wealth of information being shared, including tracks devoted to exploring new techniques in the graphics and visualization space involving ray tracing, image processing, video processing and medical imaging.

For content production, attendees can learn about how mental images' iray interactive ray tracing is being leveraged in applications to streamline product development, and how the OptiX application acceleration engine can be integrated into your own application. There are several great sessions on ray tracing and other rendering techniques, including:

Some particularly interesting sessions for video processing and editing include:

For image processing applications, there are a broad range of topics being covered, including

Finally, there are some fascinating sessions on how GPUs are revolutionizing visualization in medicine, including:

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