by Alain Tiquet

The Emerging Companies Summit – which kicks off in less than three weeks in San Jose, Calif. – is shaping up to exceed expectations.

An impressive lineup of 60 emerging companies will describe their latest technology in the fields of robotics, computer vision, gesture recognition, medical imaging, high performance computing, and stereoscopic 3D.

Execs from some of the world’s leading tech companies, including Adobe, Cisco, Google, IBM and Microsoft, will evaluate the companies’ technology and business strategies in panel discussions.

The full session schedule for the Summit is now live (or view the overal GPU Technoogy Conference schedule). The Summit takes place Tuesday, Sept. 21 to Thursday, Sept. 23, at the San Jose Convention Center.

For more information about the event, watch this video with Jeff Herbst, NVIDIA vice president of business development.

Additional ECS highlights include:

  • “CEO on Stage” sessions: CEOs from 24 emerging companies will discuss their new technology and business strategy with technologists, investors and industry analysts.
  • NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang will be interviewed
  • on stage by Quentin Hardy, national editor of Forbes magazine.

  • Panel discussion on “GPU for Computer Vision” covering facial, gesture, human motion and biometrics recognition; augmented reality; and robotic computing.
  • Panel discussion on “The ‘New Normal’ for Building Emerging Companies Based on Disruptive Technologies,” moderated by Jeff Herbst.

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