by Chris Daniel

Back in July, NVIDIA brought the Fermi architecture and its first class DirectX 11 performance to the $200 price point with the GeForce GTX 460 GPU. It was exciting to see it received with such enthusiasm from the gaming community.

At the LAN events this summer however, it was noticeable that a large group of gamers were still waiting for our next GPU. They were gaming on some of NVIDIA’s previous great LAN party GPUs, the GeForce 8600 series and 9600 series GPUs. These were gamers who owned 17” to 22” monitors and who were typically on a tighter budget for hardware. They were looking for a GPU upgrade optimized for 1680×1050 gaming, capable of providing best in class DirectX 11 support, and of course one that fit their budget. I knew we had just the GPU in design for them.

GeForce GTS 450, available today for just $129, is designed for the best price/performance for 1680×1050 gaming. It’s the perfect GPU for gamers’ who are on a budget yet still want a great gaming experience on the hottest new games like StarCraft II as well as on the next-generation DirectX 11 games like Civilization V. On StarCraft II for example, GTS 450 offers 2x the frame rates for those gamers upgrading from their 9600 GT. It’s also packed with the latest GeForce technologies including SLI, PhysX, 3D Vision, and NVIDIA Surround.


Hope to see you at one of the next big LAN Parties, and that your rig has a brand new GTS 450 in it!