by Jon Barad

3D has made tremendous progress in the past few years, and I think it's safe to say it's transforming Hollywood movie production and movie-watching experiences alike. Similarly, NVIDIA 3D Vision PCs are transforming the computer gaming experience with support for over 400 games and the largest 3D-PC enabled community in the world.

Today, we’re excited to announce the next evolution of 3D — the world’s first 3D streaming Web channel. 3D Vision Live is an online video destination that will stream 3D trailers, music videos, sports, shorts, and more all to your 3D Vision PC. The site is initially launching in Beta so that we can get your feedback to help us improve as we aquire new content and features.

Earlier this summer, NVIDIA 3D Vision and Microsoft Silverlight partnered to stream the 3D NASCAR and PGA Championship events. Now, 3D Vision Live will bring great 3D content to your PC 24×7.

Visit www.3DVisionLive.com to check out all the free 3D content up already, and stay tuned as we add more videos and exciting new functionality in the coming months.

If you would like to share original 3D video content with 100’s of thousands of 3D Vision users around the world, or have comments about this beta version of the site, send an email to: 3DVisionLive@nvidia.com

Check out some of the highlights nowshowing on 3D Vision Live:

  • 2010 NVIDIA “3D Your PC” Video – See all the great experiences you can have with a new 3D Vision PC.
  • Mercedes-Benz 3D 2010 – 3D Vision Live has been selected to premiere the online presentation of Mercedes-Benz 3D 2010 featuring the SLS AMG, the S400 Hybrid, and the E550 Cabriolet. The film was executive produced by Dimensional Communications and created by Lightspeed Design. To see the film and behind-the-scenes pictures go to DepthQs3D.com/mercedes-benz. To see the film in person please come to the LA Auto show, November 19-28.
  • We Are The World 25 For Haiti in 3D was recorded on February 1st, 2010, in the same studio as the original 25 years earlier. "We Are The World 25 For Haiti", in which Quicy Jones and Lionel Richie serve as executive producers was created with a star-studded group to benefit the Haitian earthquake relief efforts and the rebuilding of Haiti. Donate today at: wearetheworldfoundation.org
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D Trailer – In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, Alice continues on her journey to find survivors and lead them to safety. www.residentevil-movie.com