by Sheryl Huynh

Three jam-packed days. Attendees from 50 nations. 120 sponsors and exhibitors. 200 black-shirted employee volunteers. 280 speakers. And one balloon-crafted NVIDIA logo.

GTC 2010 by the numbers was impressive. But it’s impossible to put a figure on its depth of content, its intensity of conversation, its spark of ideas.

GTC 2010 Day 1 - Keynote crowd shot

This week’s event – with all of its energy and imagination — would simply never have happened without so many of you contributing in so many ways. It was, in some ways, the ultimate act of parallel processing.

On behalf of all of NVIDIA, I want to thank each of you for infusing this event with a passion that lifted it beyond what most of us encounter in our business lives.

With a bit of a break, we look forward to beginning to plan GTC 2011. And we can’t wait to join you in doing this all over again.