by Ken Brown

The chief execs of two dozen startups – focused on areas ranging from robotics to cloud-based video rendering – showed their stuff at the Emerging Companies Summit, pitching their companies in eight minutes flat and taking another eight minutes of question.

GTC 2010

Subjecting them to questions were members of a rotating panel drawn from VC firms, as well as industry analysts and corporate developments execs.

CEOs from Scalable Display Technologies, RTT, Aqumin, Otoy, Universal Robotics, and ICD took to the stage this morning, in front of judges including Savitha Srinivasen of IBM Research, leading industry pundit Rob Enderle, Norman Winarsky, of SRI International, and  Jeff Herbst, who runs business development at NVIDIA.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what they’re bringing to market:

Scalable Display Technologies, of Cambridge, Mass. – CEO Andrew Jamison portrayed a compelling vision of giant displays comprised of many individual sources to facilitate corporate collaboration. He said his software is being used by Fortune 50 companies to display information for presentations and meetings. The technology, originally developed at MIT, allows curved displays at a resolution of 5,000 x 1,000 pixels, up to 25 feet wide.

Realtime Technology (RTT), of Munich – CEO Jeroen Snepvangers said his company helps clients use their 3D data to deliver visualization solutions for product development and marketing. Clients, including Harley Davidson and Nissan, use RTT technology to allow customers to select configuraton options on a computer, in some cases for vehicles still in development. Another client, BMW, used RTT software to produce a commercial showing hundreds of CADCAM images of the vehicle’s components melded together.

Aqumin, of Houston – CEO Mike Zeitlin’s company is working on solving large data problems by converting huge spreadsheets of financial data into 3D graphs which depict market changes in real-time. The two-year-old company is working with partners like Bloomberg, CNBC, Deutsche Bank and Fidelity to bring GPU-accelerated technology to market traders. 

Otoy, of Los Angeles – CEO Jules Urbach showed an impressive video of an upcoming movie called Gaiking, which features Transformers-like CG effects rendered from the cloud. Otoy’s technology allows them to deliver “unlimited rendering power” for film and video games with up to 1,000 GPUs from the cloud. It promises major disruption in the film industry, which typically creates movies using massive CPU-based rendering farms.

Universal Robotics, of Nashville, Tenn. – CEO David Peters described how robots can increase efficiency and reduce injuries by providing intelligent materials handling. While today’s industrial robots must often be programmed for specific actions, Universal Robotics uses software called Neocortex which allows the robots to learn how to move packages of different shapes and sizes.

Innovative Converged Devices (ICD), of Seattle, Wash. – CEO David Hayes likened ICD to a new generation of ODM that can reduce the time it takes to bring new products to market. ICD provides rapid product development of Tegra-based mobile devices while reducing cost by up to 20 percent. Hayes showed a product design called the Floob, a very thin device with a 3D interface for social media and movies streamed via Netflix.