by Tonie Hansen

We’re delighted to announce that NVIDIA’s first global citizenship report is now live on the NVIDIA website.

The report provides an in-depth look at NVIDIA’s social and environmental performance during our previous fiscal year. In it, you’ll find ways that NVIDIA employees and technology are making a difference, both to their local communities and the world at large.


You’ll learn, for instance, about how NVIDIA technology is designed with energy efficiency in mind. The incredible performance gains many of our customers see with GPUs and CUDA are delivered while keeping power consumption low.

Those same performance gains are enabling applications with tremendous social impact, from advances in science and medicine to accelerated drug discovery to more efficient and environmentally sensitive oil and gas exploration. Check out the report’s section on the social impact of the GPU to learn more.

We’re proud of the portrait set out in this report of an engaged, committed workforce. In addition to volunteering at local food banks and raising money for charitable causes, NVIDIA employees lead the NVIDIA Foundation, which oversees all the company’s philanthropic activities. Take a look at their inspiring work in the community section of the report, which covers everything from strategic programs to the company’s annual volunteer event “Project Inspire.”

There’s also more in the report about NVIDIA’s environmental performance, its activities as a responsible employer, its corporate governance and related issues. You can find out how we’re decreasing emissions on our campuses and how we work with our supply chain to ensure the highest standards. You’ll also find interesting case studies that bring the data to life.

We hope you’ll check it out and let us know what you think by filling out our stakeholder survey.