by Tonie Hansen

We recently got some great news from Newsweek magazine recognizing the efforts NVIDIA is making around environmental issues. We’ve moved up 126 spots since last year, on Newsweek’s 2010 Green Rankings. We are now among the top 200 of all 500 largest U.S. companies and the largest 100 global corporations for environmental impact, policies and reputation. We’re excited to see this movement in the right direction.

This year we received a 99.3 on our environmental impact score (which puts us at #4 compared to all other U.S. companies). We think this high score is due to a few reasons:

  • When it comes to our carbon-emitting activities (such as campus operations, data centers, etc.), we have been making sustained  efforts to reduce our impact.
  • Our goal as a company is to become more transparent about our environmental data (part of the Newsweek score reflects how open a company is about disclosing data), so we’re continually trying to communicate more to environmental research organizations and other stakeholders through vehicles like our Global Citizenship Report.
  • As a fabless semiconductor company, our operations don’t emit a lot of greenhouse gases.

We also saw an increase in our green policies and performance scores, as well as our reputation score.

NVIDIA is committed to making a positive difference when it comes to the environment. You can learn more about how we’re doing this – through the energy efficiency of our products, working with our supply chain partners and reducing waste in our campus operations – in the Environment section of our Global Citizenship Report.