by James Wang

Since we started building GPUs over ten years ago, NVIDIA has had some of the most loyal and dedicated fans on the planet. Your passion for games is what has pushed us to create faster and better GPUs.

For a long time we’ve wanted to do something for you that makes your PC gaming experience better and that helps cultivate PC gaming at large. Today, we’re pleased to unveil the first step of that effort–a new website called

NV_GFcom_Logo_Wht_HR serves you in three simple ways:

Makes It Easy to Pick In-game Settings
PC games often have a lot of graphics settings, and picking the right one for your system can be difficult and time consuming. To make this easier, we’ve taken the latest games and hardware and profiled them to determine settings that maximize image quality while maintaining playable framerates. This takes the guesswork out of configuring your graphics card so you can get on with gaming. Try this out in the Optimize section.

Connects GeForce Users with Great Content
GeForce GPUs support a host of great technologies such as DirectX 11, SLI, PhysX, and 3D Vision. One of the most common questions we hear is “Which games take advantage of them?” In the Game Browser section, not only can you learn about the latest games, but the technologies that power them, and how they make the game more immersive.

Creates a Community for Our Users
Ultimately, is about creating a community for GeForce users. As a first step, we’ve revamped the forums with much more relevant categories, improved software, and a fresh new look. Second, because this site is built for you, we’re launching it as a beta and opening it up for feedback. You’ll have the first say on what gets built and what content we’ll focus on in the future.

Take a look at the site and let us know what you think! You can also join the forum thread to give us feedback on