by Lee Hirsch

NVIDIA isn’t your typical company.

We have a unique style and bring lots of enthusiasm as we work to deliver inspiring products to about the most demanding and opinionated communities on the planet.

If I had to use one word to describe the people at NVIDIA, I’d call them passionate. We seek out employees who are passionate about graphics, passionate about gaming and passionate about gadgets.  When I say ‘gadgets’ I mean over-clocked, liquid-cooled, 3-way SLI PCs in fully custom cases.  You know, the usual.

And this passion scales across the NVIDIA ranks.  I mean, how many other companies’ executives, including the founder/CEO, have their company logo tattooed on their bodies? We also happen to have a nice assortment of vanity license plates on cars in the parking lot.

The only thing more inspirational than the passion of our employees is the passion we see reflected back to us from YOU, our customers and fans.  You go through great lengths to express your love for NVIDIA, and it’s clear that you have fun in the process.

Here are a few examples, starting with a pumpkin carving and a loyal fan in the U.S.:

Someone in Scandinavia sent in a “Gingerbread PC.” After many Christmases spent creating gingerbread houses, he made an (edible) SLI PC instead.  That’s twice the yum!

There’s the Chicago teen who woke up one winter morning and stomped out the NVIDIA logo in  freshly fallen snow in his backyard. And there’s the guy in San Jose who twisted our logo out from long, inflated balloons.

And my personal favorite: baby Nvidia.

A customer in Eastern Europe sent a note a few years back asking if we minded if he named his newborn daughter “Nvidia”.  Mind?  We were flattered!  No trademark license required…

How Can You Get Your Fan Photo on the NVIDIA Fan Page?

We have a hunch that this is just the start, and many more of you are superfans just haven’t been discovered yet. To change that, we’re asking you to head over to our Facebook fan page to upload your photo for a chance to be selected as Fan of the Week. You can show your NVIDIA tattoo, gingerbread house, whatever you like, as long as you’re in the picture with it. If you’re selected, we’ll feature your picture in our fan page logo, for nearly 200,000 fans to see.

For the GeForce hardware enthusiasts among you, we want to see your rigs. In fact, we’ll feature the best ones in our GeForce Facebook fan page logo. To enter, just head over to our GeForce fan page and upload a picture of your machine.

And, if you’re interested in telling a larger story of how NVIDIA has played a key part in your life, or why you’re the BIGGEST NVIDIA fanboy/fangirl, send your story and photo to

Thanks for being such a great community!  You keep us energized to continue delivering amazing products.