Hammering Out a New Kind of Holiday Party

by Tonie Hansen

If two weeks ago you had told me that the sound of hundreds of hammers swinging in unison could be pleasant, I wouldn’t have believed you. However, after Saturday’s  Project Inspire volunteer event in Silicon Valley, I can tell you for a fact that it actually sounds very harmonious.

In lieu of a holiday party, NVIDIA hosted 1,000 employees, family members and community volunteers at San Jose’s History Park to wield paint brushes, drills, shovels and the aforementioned hammers, with impressive results. In just one afternoon we:

  • Built 60 garden beds, enabling a nearby community to grow their own produce.
  • Assembled more than 800 one-foot-square planter boxes for educational use in classrooms, and fresh food for community members’ homes.
  • Built a large greenhouse that will be used to help kids experiment with science in a hands-on environment.
  • Breathed new life into a treasured historical park by revitalizing several buildings and the surrounding landscape.

Even though this is my fourth annual Project Inspire event in San Jose, I remain amazed at the commitment employees have to making this their must-attend holiday “party.”   We were able to capture a moment with three employees at Saturday’s Project Inspire – take a look at what they said Project Inspire means to them and their families.

Employees don’t take this day of transformation lightly. They bring their families. They bring tool belts. They ask detailed questions about the best way to get the work done. And they stay late to ensure we  keep our word and deliver on our promise.

Here are a couple of photos that show the action, and you can see all the images here:
Project Inspire 2010
Our HR team prepares to repaint an old stables.

Project Inspire 2010
The Legal team partners to build several of the large garden beds.

We can’t thank the Project Inspire participants enough – without their help, this party with a purpose would not be possible. Needless to say, we’re all already looking forward to Project Inspire 2011!

Happy Holidays from the NVIDIA Foundation.