by Noah Kravitz

T-Mobile launched two NVIDIA powered tablet computers today, continuing the Tegra 2 Coming Out Party that CES has become over the past two days. Basically if you hear the terms “Dual Core” and “Mobile” in the same breath, odds are it’s an NVIDIA product being talked about.

First up was the LG G-Slate with Google, an Android 3.0 tablet that was shown ever so briefly onstage before being whisked back into “non production model” land. Expected to be available in the coming months, the G-Slate will be the first 4G tablet on T-Mobile powered by the new tablet-optimized version of Android.

Dell Streak 7 Tablet Launch 3

Next was the Dell Streak 7, an Android 2.2 tablet with a 7″ WVGA multitouch display, full Flash 10.1 support and, of course, a Tegra 2 dual-core processor. I got some hands-on time with Streak 7, and it was zippy to launch apps, responsive to multitouch input, and looked pretty good with its new customized Android skin. I also liked the 7″ form factor, which seemed big enough for comfortable Web browsing but small enough for one-handed use and easy thumb typing in portrait mode. Streak 7 is capable of up to 21 Mbps speeds on T-Mo’s HSPA+ network, and T-Mobile reps said the tablet will be available in the near term at a “very competitive” price.