by Tom Petersen

I just recently rebuilt my home PC and I can say SLI on Intel’s Sandy Bridge is beautiful thing.  To get top notch performance, all you need is an SLI certified P67 based motherboard, a Sandy Bridge CPU, and two or more NVIDIA GeForce GPUs to get top notch performance.   I used GeForce GTX 580‘s in SLI, which supports nearly 1,000 games and benchmarks…so I just plug it in and go.

Also, we just posted a driver update that enables SLI performance for a new benchmark called 3DMark 11.  A quick snapshot of our performance is here.  I expect a bunch of the overclockers will grab and go with this so we should see some exciting scores.

You can read all the details in Chris Daniel’s blog post on the 266.58 driver here

Not surprisingly, the performance is great.  We had a chance to sit down and discuss the new platform with Vince “K|NGP|N” Lucido, exclusively at

And you can check out a new video of Vince explaining his overclocking and SLI here:

My system is fast, quiet, and state of the art.   Bottom line – when you upgrade your platform to Sandy Bridge – don’t compromise on the graphics.  Get SLI.