These are interesting times for the GPU.

As a financial consultant and CUDA developer in metro New York, I see increasing momentum in the area of GPUs for high-performance computing. Last month I decided to launch a “meet-up” event for people interested in this topic.

Since this was my first time using meetup, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We put the word out in mid-January and at our first meeting, held at Microsoft, we had more than 25 attendees representing a wide range of people, from GPU experts to newbies, across finance, medical, science and other industries.  What drew all of us together is an enthusiasm for HPC and GPU technologies and how they can be applied to cutting-edge problems – doing things better and faster for more challenging applications. Today, after just four weeks, the group has grown to over 50.

At the first meeting, our speaker was Dídac Artés, a co-organizer. Dídac talked about opportunities for members to both contribute to and benefit from the group. Then the discussion got down to brass tacks and a freewheeling exchange of ideas on the aims of the group and how it should be organized.

The discussion touched upon topical aspects related to the GPU, such as Intel’s new Sandy Bridge technology. Domain specific issues relating to GPU technology also bubbled up, such as the application of the GPU to such hot areas as High Frequency Trading (or HFT, as it is known).

The meetup spurred discussion of future topics, such as “Thinking in Parallel” and “Infiniband+GPU.” Moving forward, the format will be monthly meetups starting at 6:00 pm, with the first half hour set aside to mingle and catch up, followed by a speaker talking about a topic of common interest.

The group has a distinct leaning towards inviting practitioners to present, in the sense of people who are applying GPU technology to real world problems – who are “in the trenches”, so to speak. Time will be set aside for hands-on practice, code sharing, white boarding and social networking, with things wrapping up around 8:30 pm.

I hope any GPU enthusiasts who live in the New York metro area, or are just visiting New York, will check out the group and consider attending a future meetup:

Interesting times for the GPU. Come share in the fun!

PS: We’ve just launched a similar group in Boston, which will have its first meeting on March 1:

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  • Alex Leites

    When will the Chicago group be formed? 🙂

  • Andrew Sheppard

    There is a meetup group in Chicago: “HPC / GPU Supercomputing Group of Chicago”. Here’s the link:

    We haven’t set the date for the first meetup, but will do so soon.

  • Mark Harris

    For those in Australia with similar interests, we have been having GPU users meetups in Brisbane since June 2010 (, and there are sister groups in Sydney (, Perth (, and Melbourne (


  • Andrew Sheppard

    Mark, It’s nice to see that our friends in Australia were (and probably still are) at the forefront of things! Shep

  • Andrew Sheppard

    For those West Coast HPC/GPU supercomputing enthusiasts out there you may like to know that there’s now a sister meetup group in Silicon Valley. You can sign up for that group by following this link:

  • Ken Lloyd

    We are excited to tell EVERYONE that the small city of Albuquerque, NM has a Meet Up for HPC GPU Supercomputing

    Here, we have some of the worlds leading researchers, software, and hardware developers working in the area of massively parallel computation across clusters of FPGAs, CPUs, and GPUs. Some of us entrepreneurial types were even invited to present our molecular dynamics simulation and visualization solutions at SC ’10 using a 3 dual Nehalem EX compute node cluster (with a total of 9 Tesla M-2050s and GPUDirect over QDR Infiniband). Got some folks attention.

    With two national laboratories within rock chucking distance, there is more than just spicy food here in New Mexico! We have some pretty hot computing going on here, too.

  • Andrew Sheppard

    Hi Ken, yes, HPC/GPU certainly is hotting up! Keep us updated on your progress.