by Noah Kravitz

Greetings from one of the best cities on Earth, Barcelona! I’ve the distinct honor – and pleasure, believe me – of being on the ground here in Catalonia, Spain to cover Mobile World Congress 2011 for the NVIDIA blog (as well as for my “day job” with You all know that CES was more or less a coming out party for Tegra 2 and a fleet of NVIDIA-powered superphones and next-gen tablets. Not to mention that Tesla car I fell in love with. MWC is shaping up to be just as exciting. Here’s a preview of some of what’s to come this week:

NVIDIA is at booth 1C34, Hall 1 at the show. If you’re going to MWC, definitely come by the booth, say Hi, and tell ’em the NVIDIA Blog sent you!

Tegra 2 is a finalist for “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough” at the Global Mobile Awards. We’re all thrilled about the news and, frankly, feel like it’s deserved and hard-earned. You know how excited we are about Tegra 2, we all saw how many next-generation dual-core products launched and were previewed at CES, and there’s more where that came from. So it’s truly an honor to have our work recognized by the GSMA. Now root for us to take home the trophy at the awards ceremony this Tuesday!

Personally I wish I could tell you where I’m headed tonight and why. All will be revealed in a few short hours, and I kinda sorta have this feeling there may be another Tegra 2 powered super … let’s call it a “super product” … to talk about. Maybe even more than one. When you’ve got the world’s first super chip, the first dual core mobile chip in production, and a ton of awesome games, videos and other content being developed to take advantage of it all, people want in on the action. Stay tuned to find out what, exactly, will be unveiled tonight. It’s just the first of a week full of surprises coming from NVIDIA at MWC.

Me, I’m going to stare at the sea for a few minutes before packing up my laptop and hailing a taxi to tonight’s venue. Adios for now!