by Sanford Russell

The release of the CUDA 4.0 software to our registered developers this week is the culmination of thousands of hours of dedicated work by the NVIDIA CUDA software team. 

It seems just a short time ago, but NVIDIA released our first version (1.0) all the way back in 2007. The resulting impact on the world’s computing capabilities has been amazing for us to watch and play a role in.

Our passionate programmers have spent weeks (and weekends) working on integrating software capabilities that we hope will address features requested by developers. Each new capability we release is designed to enable developers to take further advantage of GPU Computing, with a specific emphasis on ‘easier to program’.

NVIDIA continues to be actively engaged with developers using parallel computing on GPUs – be it via C, C++, Fortran or APIs like OpenCL and DirectCompute. The project ahead of us (every 6 months) is to understand what the next challenges are for parallel programmers.

For that, we need your help.  If you are a programmer, be sure to download CUDA 4.0 on Friday (when it will be available to members of the CUDA Registered Developer Program). One of the tools we use to gather feedback, and make future improvements, is our developer bug system. Please use that to let us know about anything that inhibits your ability to quickly develop and deploy your applications. If you are not a programmer, but have programmers in your organization, ask them to let us know what they think about CUDA.  Our communication with developers is an important part of the process.

I should mention that registered developers not only have early access to NVIDIA’s latest software technologies, but also access to exclusive events and opportunities to engage with NVIDIA engineering (for example, registered developers are invited to an interactive deep dive webinar about CUDA 4.0 on March 15 with CUDA engineering manager Ian Buck. We expect a lively Q&A).

Next steps for developers:

  • Learn about CUDA 4.0 here.
  • Sign up to become a CUDA Registered Developer here.
  • Register for a CUDA 4.0 Overview webinar by Will Ramey on Friday, March 4 here.

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