by Drew Henry

It is official.  As of today, the web browser – the #1 app on the PC –  is now GPU accelerated.

We have worked closely with Microsoft since the start of Internet Explorer 9 development to bring the power of the GPU to the Web.  Along the way, we’ve blogged about the advantages of GPU-accelerated PCs and the great HTML5 sites you can soon expect accelerated by the GPU.

Today, with the official launch of IE9, PCs everywhere can experience:

  • Rich HTML5 sites like with much more dynamic and interactive content than before –all made possible by the GPU
  • HD Video natively accelerated by the browser and GPU without the need for additional plug-ins
  • Browser-based games running directly on the latest DirectX 11 GeForce GPU like your favorite PC game titles

So what does this really mean to you the consumer?  IE9 will help transform the web to a much more exciting, dynamic and compelling experience – much like DX11 gaming is worlds beyond Farmville.  And it is yet another example of why you need an Optimized PC or Notebook with a powerful NVIDIA GPU paired with a strong CPU to deliver overall the best experience.

Congratulations Microsoft!  Make sure to download IE9 today.