Gamers, are you ready for performance upgrades and cool new features? The first Release 270 beta driver, version 270.51, is now available for download on Check out the highlights below or read up in more detail about Release 270 specifications on

Release 270 highlights:

  • Boosts gaming performance by as much as 6x.
  • Enables NVIDIA Update, an easy way to stay up-to-date with the latest GeForce drivers.
  • Fully integrates all 3D Vision drivers – including the 3D Vision USB Controller driver – for easy 3D Vision installation.
  • Expands 3D Vision window mode to include support for 3DTV Play, Windows Aero, and 3D Vision Notebooks.
  • Dramatically boosts 3D Vision and 3D Vision Surround performance in DirectX 9 games with SLI enabled.
  • Better 3D Vision performance when using Half-Life 2 games in 3D.
  • Adds support for applications using the new CUDA 4.0 features.

Enjoy the first Release 270 beta driver and let us know what you think!

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  • Aimi Firdhaus Shafie

    Thanks Nvidia! 🙂

  • Bobby Edward

    How about making the hybrid graphics of the m11x r1 compatible with the most recent drivers…. If the community and patch it together I know nvidia can.

  • Johnv Cariaga

    is this beta driver supports gtx 570?

  • Eduardo Llaguno

    Somewhen Nvidia will develop support for Optimus in Linux???

  • greyback

    what are the video cards that support this driver?

  • Andre Joseph Arana

    does this work on a 8500 gt ??

  • Hitec16

    i think it will support all 6 series to latest 5 series but performance upgrade will be only for 4xx and 5xx series for rest of the cards u wont see a difference except for some new feature no performance again 🙁
    i hav GTX 460 so hope it works better now

  • 3D Vision User

    The 3D is always active on my monitor! SO ANNOYING, it makes my screen less bright.
    The Glasses and IF receiver/sender is off though. Monitor is ASUS VG236H.
    NVIDIA Please Fix This!

  • Anonymous

    These drivers support all GeForce 6-series and later desktop GPUs and all GeForce 8M-series and later notebook GPUs. You can check out the detailed list of supported products on the supported products tab of each driver page. GTX 570 and 8500GT are both supported.

  • Anonymous

    Most of the performance improvements are specific to DirectX 11 GPUs however some of the optimizations also provide benefit to DirectX 10 GPUs.

  • Anonymous

    We have been able to reproduce your issue and are working on a fix that we will release as soon as possible. If you would like, you can also visit the NVIDIA 3D Vision forums where we discuss and track issues like this:

  • Jgooding

    Installed new beta driver, trying to play BFBC2 is terrible. Constant flickering on screen. Running 2 GTX285’s in Sli, Win7 64-bit. res. 1920×1080.. Any ideas on how to fix this. I will back down to stable drivers.

  • chris kringle

    I just purchased a 46″ 3D Sony nx711 to use a a replacement for my Dell 30″ (3007wfp-hc r.2), which i broke when it came into contact with my fist at a high rate of speed, due to being intoxicated and angry from watching on of those investigative animal abuse videos(Conklin Dairy Farm)…grrr…. but i digress… Anyway, i had to temporarily use my older Sharp 26″ 720p Tv while i researched 3d tv’s and the brightness, vibrant colors, contrast and pixel response time just blew the doors off of my expensive 30″ Dell. I’ll never use a standard monitor again. They need more brightness, contrast, vibrancy, and a higher refresh rate. I really can’t believe TV is kicking monitor butt right now, but…again i digress. So i get my NX711, with great color, fantastic brightness, much better blacks, no 3D flicker (and i mean zip, ziltch, nada flicker, tho a little crosstalk) and the 3d is great 3′ from the screen with a high FOV and i can even handle the large text…. but WAIT! It will only do 3D gaming at over proper 60hz+/eye in 720p! ..because of bandwidth limitations in HDMI. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Nvidia, can you help with this ridiculousness? We need displayport connections on these tv’s. Ugh.

  • Guest

    Actually, its not a HDMI bandwidth limitation, its the electronics in the HDMI chips used thats not fast enough for 1080p at 120Hz. A 3D Gaming Display usually comes with a DVI-D connector which can do 1080p at 120Hz. Since its a TV, its meant for movies, which HDMI only specifys to use 1080p/24 per eye.

    But sitting 3′ from a 46″ is weird anyway. Have fun burning your eyes, etc.

  • Kasper Gustavsson

    When will this be released officially?

  • Ardi

    Now I see BOOOOOOOOST in my Acer 5742G with GT540M!!!
    Couldn’t run Battle Los Angeles game but now it’s working great, Thanks nVIDIA 😉

  • chris kringle

    Thanks for the clarification. Ok then, we need better HDMI chips! Please, Nvidia, lets shout this from the rooftops for the sake of computer users who are in love the with present picture quality of newer TV’s and console gamers who play on TV’s. One step up from 720p to 1080 for HDMI chip support and walla, all done. These Tv’s need a little extra juice anyways apparently since all the supplemental image processing creates or adds to input lag.

    After playing Metro 2033 in 3d the last couple of nights, i can see that 3D is here to stay, period. I didn’t think anything could get me to play Metro a 3rd time so soon. The 3rd dimension’s extra information is just incredible. Every tiny little thing is instantly put into the proper real world depth by your brain, amazing.

    To “Guest”: The thing looks a little weird on my desk, at least when its off. As far the the burning your eyes out comment, I played for 6 hours straight last night with no breaks and had no headache.

  • Uploader 123

    thanks. i always like to be updated, but if its beta version, there may still be bugs. thanks anyway, I`ll use it

  • g. c.

    Is there a version for my QUADRO FX 1800M for laptop (HP elitebook) Please?

  • Hitman

    I have been having a lot of trouble with my Acer Predator playing and DVD / BR because of an apparant problem with “without HDCP” once I changed from driver 260.58 to this BETA this problem disappeared and everything worked well. Except ….. 3D movies were not actually playing in 3D (no slit image) and when I tried to launch Star Craft 2 it crashed the computer straight to restart. Other games were working perfectly. I have 2 x GTX 460’s in sli running 3D surround on 3 x Acer 120Hz monitors.

    Because I wanted to play Star Craft 2 I have had to go back to the earlier Driver which plays the games fine except Bioshock has no sound !!!! and of course the problem with “without HDCP” is back so I can not play and DVD’s or BluRays …

    What the hell is going on ?????

    If anyone can help that would be awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Installed 270.61 into my Vista 64 bit computer. Everything went smoother than camel snot on a doorknob. Sure not like your older drivers. Very happy.