How to Stream 3D Video on your Website

I’ve been asked by a lot of web developers from around the world when NVIDIA would enable the embedding of 3D Vision streaming capability into their own sites.

Well, I’m excited to let you know that the wait is over. Today, we’re making available the same technology used on to developers who want to easily build their own video player to stream stereoscopic 3D videos, movies, trailers, and more.

And best of all, it’s free! –

We’ve developed a new 3D Vision plug-in for the Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework v2.5 (FKA: Silverlight Media Framework) which now includes support for playback of stereoscopic 3D video content.  Together these two components will enable your Microsoft Silverlight video player to stream high-quality 3D video to a 3D Vision PC.

Here’s how you can get started:

Step 1: Download the Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework and documentation.

Step 2: Integrate the 3D video player plug-in found here: (additional instructions and documentation are available from this link)

Step 3: Produce your own 3D content (most important ingredient!)

Step 4: Format the video – The player will support both side/side and top/bottom formats

Step 5: Encode your video for the Player Framework – Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 could be used to encode the Smooth Streaming content.

Step 6: Add 3D Vision Logo to your website so that users know that your site is “3D Vision Ready”

Step 7: Send an email to with a link to your site and we will list it on and send you any updates to the software.

Step 8: Stream from your webpage and share with the world in 3D Vision

Also, there are a couple other items that might be helpful to you as you make it to step 4:

3D video management platform – A backend 3D video management solution is helpful to encode (using GPU accelerated encoders, of course), manage and distribute your 3D content.  We’ve teamed up with Fordela to enable the world’s first cloud-based 3D video management media platform.

DRM – If you want to deliver premium or copyrighted 3D movies or other video content, you may want to use a DRM solution. BuyDRM’s) Silverlight experts helped NVIDIA to enable Microsoft’s PlayReady DRM technology inside our 3D Vision video player.

There you have it.  These are the key items you’ll need to develop and deploy your own 3D video streaming website.

Good luck and keep us posted as to how your development goes.

You can email us at

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  • Celeste Ghormley

    Dear Jon Barad:

    My name is Celeste. I’m currently a student at Brigham Young University and am in dire need of your advice or help.

    I was part of the NVidia GPU Litigation and couldn’t get my claim in in enough time because I couldn’t find a laptop receipt from the year of 2007.

    Being a college student, I cannot afford a new computer or really anything expensive for that matter as I’m sure you can relate to from your past experience.

    I just got accepted into the Marriott School of Management, and it is required that we have a personal computer. Is there anything NVidia can do for a struggling student with a malfunctioning video card?

    Thank you for your time,


  • Daniel Limb

    What sort of bandwidth usage are we talking about for it

  • Anonymous

    If you use Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming technology which allows for adaptive bit rate streaming you can encode your content into multiple bit rates which will automatically adjust to align with the client’s available bandwidth and PC capability.

    We’ve included suggested encoding presets (same we use for 3DVisionLive) in the download package on The maximum bitrate we use (and thus bandwidth needed) is a 6mpbs which delivers 1080 resolution.

  • rtfss none

    what about including jps stereo photos in web pages?

  • Neil

    What are you doing to provide 3D streaming support for all of us who use OS’s other than Windows?

  • Flv Player

    I like 3D animations………… Explanation and steps were easy and excellent! Thanks for the share.

  • Silencio Nose

    hmm i do not like this, no multi-platform at all.
    at least if were Flash, but using silverlight it is not linux friendly (regardless the moonlight project)
    not to mention that by some reason nvidia is not friendly with Linux users on regards of 3d technology.
    maybe when nvidia delivers linux drivers i will consider…

  • video sharing script

    Excellent explanation on High quality 3d video… This Method is much More Apprciated