Today Microsoft previewed the next version of Internet Explorer 10 at MIX11 in Las Vegas.  Dean Hachamovitch, Corporate Vice President, Internet Explorer was joined on stage by Steven Sinofsky, President, Windows and Windows Live Division.  They showed a variety of new IE10 and HTML5 demos.  Most notable was IE10 running on the next version of Windows which supports the ARM architecture (as announced by Microsoft during CES this year).  This demo was powered by the NVIDIA Tegra superchip. You can take a look at the demo here (you’ll want to start at about the 29:46 mark):

The first Platform Preview of IE10 is available for download immediately (and features great new GPU accelerated HTML5 previews at

The next-generation of Microsoft Windows and IE10 running on Tegra offers a compelling glimpse of things to come.  Stay tuned for future announcements.

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  • TechU

    so is this microsoft-sneak-peak demo running on Tegra3 and arm at 1.5 MHz
    and be exact with the detail’s please as we cant test this yet obviously not having ARM Tegra2/3 or Arm windows sample access

    come to that, did you finally put NEON SIMD on there ?


    hurray for winvidia! r.i.p wintel

  • Anonymous

    This was run on Tegra 2. We will have more details to share as we get closer to launch of next-generation Windows.

  • Tran Xuan Truong

    Can’t wait. My next PC should be Tegra 3 and GTX 760 😀

  • Corey Liu

    Is there any special requirement for the link above? ( I’m using Windows XP + (IE8 and Firefox) and could not see the video stream successfully.