Today we posted our first Release 270 WHQL-certified driver for GeForce GPUs, including an equivalent Verde driver for notebook PCs. Version 270.61 is available for download on

For those that previously installed the v270.51 beta which included the new NVIDIA Update software, you will automatically get a notification on your PC for this new WHQL-certified driver. If you haven’t already seen Tom Petersen’s video featuring NVIDIA Update, you can check it out here:

Let us know your thoughts about NVIDIA Update here on the GeForce forums.

Release 270 has nice performance optimizations that provide up to 6x the gaming performance. You can read details about the gains and the new Release 270 features on

Enjoy the v270.61 drivers and stay tuned. Next month I’ll be back on the blog to tell you about our upcoming Release 275 drivers. 

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  • Jack Mcilroy

    Awesome cheers guys !!

  • Rick Roubos

    I’d like to see nview put back in the driver package. Otherwise the drivers have been pretty good.

  • Patrick Eriksson

    when will we see support for GTX485m?

  • Garath Emms

    Anyone know if these drivers will be turning flash acceleration back on?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rick, nview is only supported on Windows XP for GeForce products. It is still packaged with XP drivers.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Patrick, this driver supports GTX485M. Our team is fixing an error where this product is not showing up in the drop-down menu. It will be added soon but you can download the 480M driver in the meantime since they are the same.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Garath, yes this driver turns on flash acceleration for Optimus notebooks.

  • Danial Horton

    nview still works on 7 and vista if you force install the nview package from the quadro driver.

  • Patrick Eriksson

    Thank you Chris,

    I have installed the driver and it works like a charm, with a slight performance increase 🙂

  • Anonymous


    Notebook Lenovo Y530:
    NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GS

    This driver

  • Anonymous

    This driver is not installed and says it’s not found a compatible device

    Notebook Lenovo Y530: NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GS

  • Oziel LG

    Thanks! xD

  • Oleg Burmakov

    On my gtx 560ti Shift 2 – 20 fps(270.61), before 40-50 fps on 266.66

  • meirfaraj

    They do not put mobil version because constructors like dell and Lenovo prefere to give their tested one…
    YOU can add it manually to the installer (I did it for my dell)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Oleg, this product was missing from the 270.61 driver as you point out. We will add it to the next release. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Oleg, we cannot reproduce this issue. Are you just having issues with that one game? Perhaps try a clean driver installation (use clean install from the custom install settings). If you are still having issues after that please post your issue on the NVIDIA forums for our forum team to look at. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    This driver error , i open gpu z and open cl dont instaled . This driver bad performance -Far cry 2, homefront run very bad with sync on. . PLS nvidia more performance and optimized for 560Ti evga. Much much.

  • Anonymous

    next problem this driver none instaled open cl in gpu z not register. Next-I gameplay homefront with vsync on my 560Ti ,gameplay is very slow , next problem …i turn on in control panel vsync on .i run homefront and vsync off in game. Game off and none change and again game run and homefront yet vsync on ..and again again on -off. Just cause 2 HD fps drop without cuda. far cry 2 more performance pls. Bulletstorm more performance . and more more .460GTX and 560 Ti 30% for 560Ti ? not true .Sorry nvidia . Best performance driver and panel .

  • Seung

    I guess it supposed to work for GeForce Go 6150, but it fails on ‘System Check’ step.
    Is it expected ?

  • Anonymous

    Yes it is expected. The latest Verde notebook drivers only support GeForce 8M series and later GPUs.

  • Seung

    Why then the description includes GeForce 6 -> 6150 as a supported device? (need be corrected)
    No plan to support it?
    My Laptop is HPdv9413cl and it works great for Windows 7 except for blurry low resolution display – abandoning it will be a waste of everything & bad for the earth too ;(

  • Anonymous

    GeForce 6 series desktop GPUs are supported with the desktop driver. The notebook driver only supports 8M series and later. For GeForce Go 6-series notebooks we recommend using the drivers from HP.

  • Seung

    Hi Chris,
    I checked HP site again, they support only XP.

    Do you have the link you mentioned?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Seung, it is up to HP to choose to support Windows 7 on your HP notebook. If they choose to only support XP then we are unable to provide drivers. Sorry that I don’t have a better answer for you.

  • Marian Tolnay

    hey I have 9800gtx+ and those new drivers messed my Battlefield bad company 2. Its laggy and my screen is blinking black. 

  • Kushal Sethi

    The new driver 270.61 knocked down my PC’s performance in a big way (Alienware M15X, GTX 260M).  Before install Windows Experience Index:- Processor 7.1, Graphics 6.8, Gaming Graphics 6.8. After install: Processor 3.1, Graphics 5.1, Gaming Graphics 5.1. All fps games gave lag. Finally had to restore back to previous version. Seemingly GTX 260M didnt like it. Any help?