by Tom Petersen

With new DX11 games coming out, lots of you guys (and gals) are building new gaming rigs and trying to decide what CPU to use.  When you’re deciding what to build, finding the best CPU price performance ratio is key. After all, PC hardware doesn’t grow on trees!  

Long term gamers probably remember that for a long time AMD offered great high-end CPUs, but in recent years, AMD’s stature as the preferred gaming CPU fell by the wayside and Intel CPUs have been the gamers’ choice.  For this reason, we’ve only licensed SLI for motherboards with Intel chipsets.  However, we’ve been recently hearing  chants of “SLI for AMD CPUs”, and figured that now is a great time to do it. After all, we want to make sure gamers can benefit from the new CPU competitive landscape and ensure they have NVIDIA SLI – the highest performance, most stable multi-GPU solution –  to game on! According to Steam, 93% of all multi-GPU systems in use today use SLI.

So today, we are pleased to announce that SLI has been licensed to the world’s leading motherboard companies for integration onto their upcoming motherboards featuring AMD’s 990FX, 990X and 970 chipsets.  ASUS, Gigabyte, ASRock, and MSI are among the first motherboard manufacturers to offer this new capability, with more coming on board shortly. 

We hope you enjoy GeForce GTX gaming in SLI on motherboards featuring either Intel or AMD CPUs.

Let us know what you think by responding below.

Thanks, and happy gaming!

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  • Ramazan Uyar

    very nice ..

  • Eirik Hovland

    finally, i have a 6 core amd cpu, and i’m now upgrading my 470gtx with 2x 590 ftw hc2 gpu’s. so now i don’t have to upgrade to sr2 with 2 xeon’s like i thought of or intel i7 for that matter!

  • Tou Vaan Ara

    AMD CPU lovers would be really pleased with this……
    Since AMD is cheaper than intel,
    AMD CPU + Nvidia GPU (SLI) will make a perfect combination…….

  • Peter Bezemer


  • Matt Sokolow

    This is fantastic news! I have been waiting for this announcement for years…welcome back 🙂 I have always been and will always be a loyal nvidia consumer.

  • Timothy Frierson

    …now I can finally replace my 500 series m2n-e sli board…

  • Alex Lowe

    I wish you would have did this 6 months ago when I built my new gaming rig. I went AMD cause I cant afford Intel but found out no SLI. Guess I’ll buy a new MoBo with SLI.

  • Timothy Frierson

    …now I can finally replace my 500 series m2n-e sli board…

  • Suwandy An-an

    very nice and amazing ^^

  • Mahmood Adeel

    The main problem was that Intel kicked out Nvidia form chipset business and nvidia has losing market to Readeons thats why they open the sli for amd chipsets. Now they are behaving as if did in the favor of customers lol.

  • Paul Lerwill

    I wonder if this means Nvidia might also include support for older AMD chipsets with dual/triple x16 PCIe lanes? This is great news though, and long overdue! Hail to Nvidia/AMD!

  • Amerson Yip

    This is fantastic. Albeit made better if Nvidia would make their prices more competitive vis-a-vis AMD GPUs.
    Been using Nvidia until the Radeon HD 4890 poped out and offered better performance/price ratio. Hope to use Nvidia again soon because their GPUs are more programmable and compatible with CUDA utilising software.

  • Daniel Pfeiffer

    This……..fantastic. Now my only regret is just getting a new motherboard with the 880X chipset on it.

  • German Lopez

    Yeah!!!, not more hack SLI for me!!!

  • Thomas Crayford

    Will they have UEFI Bios and PCI 3.0?

  • Gen McCarthy Mitilev


  • Shawn Wilson

    Umm..Could you explain in what way how is this “new?”
    Ive enjoyed my AMD-Nvidia SLI rig for over 3-4 years now!!!
    My motherboard is the ASUS M2N-SLI with the NVIDIA nForce® 570 SLI™ MCP chipset.

  • Alfredo Le Rêveur

    Great news to hear from you guys, but I have a question.. This implementation is only going to come on AMD based new motherboards? or is it going to come on old chipsets (like 890GX,FX) as well?
    I Hope you can clear this up.

  • Filipe Trigo

    well this is news because nvidia doesn’t have to create chips for SLI anymore. with this, we can have Crossfire and SLI in the same board without a nvidia chip because AMD’s 900 chipset series will do the job.

    if you try to do crossfire in your board, you can’t. this way you can have nore choices.

  • Eliot Loney

    I`m still rocking my AMD NVIDIA combo on my ASUS M4N98TD-EVO. I haven`t wanted to upgrade because I love AMD CPUs and Nvidia GPUs but there was no way to upgrade my motherboard, and Intel CPUs where just to expensive for me. I am glad to see that when the new AMD 8cores come out I`ll finally have an upgrade path for AMD NVIDIA Combo. It`s also great news for consumers who want more choices in there gaming rigs.

  • Mohan

    Intel CPU’s are for peoples who want to feed the power; AMD CPU’s are for people who want to feed a family. I’m glad to hear that we’ll be seeing Mobo chipsets that allow SLI with an AMD CPU that aren’t like decades old. nforce 980a chipset? More like rebranded 780. 😛

  • Anonymous

    Not sure I agree with that statement about AMD not being the preferred gaming CPU. I know plenty of gamers who have preferred AMD CPUs for years. If by preferred you mean fastest, then that makes sense, but AMD has offered gamers on a budget great products for many years. You don’t need the latest and greatest Intel CPU to be a gamer.

  • Jeremy Borage

    “NVIDIA SLI – the highest performance, most stable multi-GPU solution”? Not according to reviews:

    “AMD Radeon 6990/6970 Tri-Fire is better in terms of value, efficiency, and gaming performance than GTX 580 3-Way SLI”

  • Jorge Dmrb

    I loved my SLI+AMD combo years ago… i love this news!! go go Nvidia!!! i liked nForce+AMD too!

  • alex

    Nvidia officially dropped AMD support prior to the release of the AM3 socket. thus anything released before AM3 supported SLI using a nvidia chipset.

    yes there were still AM3 boards that had nvidia chipsets, but this was done by the motherboard manufactures using a 2 year old chipset that was a rebrand of the 780a which was released 2 years prior to that. the AM3 980a boards were never officially supported by Nvidia.

  • Coleman Rasof

    This is awesome!

  • alex

    it will only be on the boards in the article. it will not be supported on older generation boards even though the AMD chipset can still run SLI using a hacked chipset driver but the performance is lacking since theres only so much they can do with the hack. may change though if some one can figure out how to hack the new 990 chipset code to get it to work on the 800 series and older boards but i doubt it will happen.

  • alex

    UEFI bios and no PCI-e 3.0. theres no reason to support PCI-e 3.0 for the foreseeable future.

  • DarkHart

    Sounds to me like Nvidia is scrambling. Fermi is a disappointment with its still lingering driver and gpu usage issues,AMD GPUS have become quite attractive with more bang for you buck and less headaches than the current Nvidia offerings.

    Seriously,What incentive do they have to allow their competitors have SLI? It aint for the users benefit thats for sure.

    P.S. I wont ever forgive you for EOL’ing older cards via drivers Nvidia. Bad form.

  • DarkHart

    This is EXACTLY what is going on here!!!!

  • DarkHart

    You only need the latest and greatest intel chip to mask the poor fermi performance, Thats it!

  • chieftain20

    Cheap AMD CPU’s + Cheap nVidia graphics cards = Win.

    I hate to say it but that’s all I run. Still using my old M4A79T Deluxe AM3 mobo with 1055t X6 with a GTX 460 SC. Would love to SLI, but can’t 🙁 I’m definitely not a big fan of ATI cards. I’ve always had driver issues for some reason.

  • Rares Dumitrescu

    great news here. i like nvidia cards a lot, but i am not much of a fan of intel cpu’s they seem just too overpriced, so i am inlove with the current phenom 2 from amd.

    sli for amd is a great thing, and it will help gamers with more options. thanks for that nvidia.

  • C.a. Grimes

    Save the environment use Fermi to cook your weenies instead of charcoal.

  • Anonymous

    woot, 93% use SLI ?
    that much be far back… seeing mostly amd cards around nowdays( hope you do gtx600 right!)
    But congrats on sli for amd, your chipsets have been holding back alot of amd cpu’s for a long time now, was about time!

  • Tom Hodgins


    should be good…

    since Nvidia surround 3d vision for amds !!!

  • exenter

    Anyone who is loyal to one brand are idiots. People like you are ruining the competition in the marked.

  • Matthew Holt

    100% agree. I have a quad core phenom 955 black edition and It’s more than suitable for every game i’ve played. I really hope Nvidia isn’t downplaying their power potential, especially with the new 6 core phenoms out which are less than half the price of the new intels.

  • Sudah Nggak Bernama

    There is no new AMD chipset until Q4 2011. Bulldozer will be supported by current 800 chipset series.

  • David Grantham

    Buying an AMD 6990 soon. I used to like Nvidia GPUs but that day is long gone. Too late, guys.

  • Artem

    Seems that nVidia knows something good about the upcoming bulldozer…
    Otherwise there’s no reason to add support for non-gaming platform.

  • Brian Herron

    “… but in recent years, AMD’s stature as the preferred gaming CPU fell by the wayside…” ??? Surely you mean recent months, as in since the release of Sandy Bridge, and it’s only a clear choice for the rabid or brainwashed. Your whole “announcement” has a bad tone and causes me to wonder at your bias.

  • Bjoern Haeussermann

    Fantastic, that is a really good news!
    Sound like the new AMD Scorpius Platform will be very fast.

    I allready have two GTX580 in SLI with the old nForce 780a pushed by a OC 6 Core AMD.
    So I can upgrade from AM2+ direct to AM3+.

    Let´s get ready to rumbel!

  • Lefteris Psolord

    I have to say this is great news!

    I would prefer less downplay on TOM’s text, but I guess this is one of the reasons he is being paid for. A nice, “Nvidia is stepping out of the chipset business, so we wouldn’t like our AMD customers to be left without a SLI solution, blah blha” would be better imo.

    Regardless, great news as I said. What will be even greater, is Bulldozer turning out to be a bomb and not a flop! My 570 SLI and next year’s 670 SLI will certainly need the power!

  • Ingo Nachnamen

    Just read the news from ASUS REPUBLIC OF GAMERS Facebook, I think this is relly cool….

  • Brandon Zobisch

    I think its awesome… some of my friends prefer Nvidia GPU’s but love AMD and everyone is sick on Intel changing boards and pins/chipsets every 6 months and now no Overclocking without a K processor on a P board but then no integrated GPU usage and so on and so on.

    Bulldozer will rock, so I think they only thing left for NVIDIA is to allow AMD GPU;s and NVIDIA Physx to play together and you’ll have made us all that much happier.



  • Anonymous

    After owning both an nVidia SLI setup (2 actually) and an AMD Crossfire, I’ll never use SLI again. Crossfire is 10 times more stable than SLI.

  • Anonymous

    Always nice with more options. 🙂

  • Rui Pereira

    Love the news. I thought that since I run SLI, I would have no choice but to go Intel.

    Now I have a choice!

  • Ace Strife

    First heard it on techspot a few weeks back.

    If this news came earlier I wouldn’t have jumped ship to Sandy Bridge.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is a very good move on Nvidia’s part especially for those on a budget, and I must say I dont support brand loyalty… I go to the better product and with that said anyone who has done their research before making a purchase would realize that both Nvidia and Intel consistantly lead the way in innovative and superior products in their respective fields (i.e. GPU and CPU ) for years now. When and if AMD takes
    the lead in doing this… well my next rig will be AMD based, but for now I’m running with Intel and Nvidia products.

  • Ghetu Daniel

    a wise move Tom, congrats!

  • Ghetu Daniel

    Fermi’s a disappointment?

    you should check Steam Hardware Surveys before making such a statement.

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 2.49%
    ATI Radeon HD 6970 1.14%

    not surprisingly 580 sells better than 6870, 6970 and 6950. Check it for yourself.

    please stop making such statements without any proof.

  • Mr. De Javu

    2x 590 ??? lol
    I think you will have no diffrence with 2*470gtx on plain sight =)))

  • Mark Owens

    This is great news. Currently have an MSI 980a MB (the only one). Will be getting the new chipsets as soon as they come out. Intel CPU’s are just too darn expensive. For the good ones anyway. AMD has the best bang for the buck in my opinion. AMD and SLI FTW.

  • VALEntyn0

    he’s an overkill addicted, let him be…

  • VALEntyn0

    like they would care about u, lmao!

  • VALEntyn0

    not according to biased reviews, gogo fanboys !

  • Joshua Motroni

    What about those of us with pre-existing AMD CPU/nVidia GPU setups? I just built a system in December and bought a board with the 890GX chipset, and kept my still-pretty-capable EVGA GTX 260, but the one downside to my board was that I wouldn’t be able to get a second 260 to beef up my graphics without tons of added cost.

    Are you guys gonna support (slightly) older chipsets? Is that something that would be up to you, or manufacturers?


  • Tyler Zylstra

    I bought an MSI nf980 board not long ago to go with my Thuban and 470s…and NOW this is released…oh well.

  • Tom Petersen

    When I said AMD was not the preferred CPU for gamers I was referencing current steam hardware surveys and IDC research. According to Steam Intel CPUs are used in 72% of all gamer PCs. IDC reports that Intel Accounted for 72% of desktop CPU sales. So pretty much by any objective measure – Gamers are choosing Intel. We are CPU agnostic though and with the new CPUs coming in Q2 we hope to see good gains for AMD.

  • Tom Petersen

    We don’t expect the addition of AMD chipset support to significantly change our market position. SLI is found in around 95% of all multi-GPU systems already. What matters to us is that we respond to customer requests – and we hear loud and clear a request to open up SLI to AMD motherboards.

  • Jonathan Busby

    This is great news. I have always used an Nvidia graphics card plus AMD processor combination in the custom systems I build for myself. When Nvidia announced that they would not support SLI on AMD chipsets in 2008 I was puzzled as I had always chosen an Nvidia graphics solution for its performance and great Linux drivers. So, even though I was a loyal customer Nvidia chose to lock me out of SLI even though I was waiting, willing and wanting to spend more on their products for multi-GPU setups. Secondly, Nvidia’s SLI in terms of motherboard support was purely driver based at this point and wasn’t it my right to buy and do what I wanted with my own hardware? Well, now I have two GTX 580s and I have had to “hack” certain BIOS tables to get around Nvidia’s Driver’s checks when it gets initialised at X startup. I’m still a loyal customer but I ask, why was I treated this way and will I still be treated this way with respect to my current AMD chipset, namely AMD’s 890FX?



  • Jim Fraser

    Nice to hear Nvidia is going to have SLI support for AMD again. Now i wish Bulldozer would hurry up and get here, so i can start building my new system.

  • Anonymous

    All I can say is for those of us that have remained AMD fans through all the Intel dominate days is : It’s about freakin time !

  • Kevin Krewell

    Tom – you are a rock star! Next time I update my motherboard, I’d consider AMD.

  • Hol

     I didn’t know Steam Surveys were indicative of performance, based solely on number of users who bought it. It’s like saying Nike is better than New Balance just because more people prefer Nike. What’s awful is you let pure stats from Steam dictate your position? I don’t know if you know this, but not everyone uses Steam, and not everyone lets Steam access and upload hardware stats. 

    TL;DR Don’t be a consumerist sheep.

  • Hol

     Please don’t use Steam as your basis, it’s just…ignorant.

  • Tom Petersen

    I don’t get your point.  Steam is installed and used by a lot of gamers and their data very closely matches 3rd party data.  

  • Insn Clwn Guilty

    why?. amd is a market, with amd u alsa can paly  any kind of games. also why? u dnt make more chipset. i think the new amd 990 series will support sli. i know u r a sw company oriented to parallel computing. but gaming also a take part of ur market and also amd. i think u also have a great friendship with amd n not to much with intel. now intel goes to lucid tech with they new vitua chipset. let amd user have sli in amd chipset is a big punch 4 intel.

  • Insn Clwn Guilty

    of course, because the micro dosent do all job. also u need a micro with also feature, intel micro only the more expensive micro have almost all features. i know n all company pay to the sw company to do thet sw  work well with they products in term of sw al is posible. why have great sw in the market n also pretty bad sw. some sw works well on intel platform n others in amd. amd also have better drivers than intel. n of course nvidia drivers is the best one, of course all sw have they problems. but would like u gave more support to amd.

  • Insn Clwn Guilty

    also people buy any kind of mobos. n maybe they dont have a great relationship between hw and sw. amd chipset have more tech than intel like soi, hypertransport.i know  amd can have some memory controller issue, but who dosent. also 4 amd ur mobos must be a great mobo. the pr of a cpu depend of a lot of thing , not only depends of the micro

  • Insn Clwn Guilty

    i think is just another intel inside marketing. stop intel marketing,n do great job. amd is a market. i think u will see now  more sli on amd system.

  • Michael Kohler

    I can’t see why not let SLI on all motherboards past and future so you can use what ever GPU componets you want and let the chips fall where they may. Trying to control what we buy I don’t think was the way to go. I have sli on AMD but may have gone Intel if it would have supported it back in the X48 days. I go for the best value and right now it is still AMD and Nvidia for my choce. I only game though so there may be some adv I don’t know about.