by Will Wade

NVIDIA is joining Microsoft at TechEd in Atlanta this week to show the power of graphics-enabled virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). I’ve talked about this before in previous posts, and we’re now ready to demonstrate how graphics enabled on the Microsoft RemoteFX platform bring greater productivity to end users. IT managers can benefit from cost reductions by migrating their employees to virtualized desktops/thin clients, thanks to this new VDI platform.

Prior to the launch of RemoteFX capabilities in Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, a user of remote desktop protocol (RDP) was limited to software graphics only. Software graphics are rendered on the CPU, which wastes precious system resources and results in a low quality virtual desktop experience for end users. End users working in a virtual environment have had to settle with applications refreshing slowly and video stuttering. This degraded experience is simply no longer acceptable to those working in a virtual desktop environment. 

Now, by adding an NVIDIA GPU to servers hosting remote desktop sessions utilizing RemoteFX, users will see the kind of quality and performance for Microsoft Office productivity applications that traditional desktops and laptops have provided. To see these benefits, IT managers can choose servers either from Dell, HP, or IBM that support their choice of either a Quadro professional graphics card or Tesla M2070Q server graphics module. These servers powered by NVIDIA GPUs, and combined with RemoteFX, means end users can enjoy a truly ‘media rich’ experience. 

So what do I mean by “media rich?”  It’s realizing the true power that this VDI technology solution can bring to business users of all kinds.  [High-quality video conferencing for better collaboration, corporate trainings delivered over the web, Silverlight for interactive customer engagements, and even Windows Aero and Media Player—all being delivered on virtualized desktops, instead of traditional PCs or laptops. For more details on NVIDIA and RemoteFX, visit: http://www.nvidia.com/remotefx

If you’re in Atlanta this week at TechEd, be sure to visit us in the RemoteFX partner pavilion along with our OEM server partners, including Dell, HP, and IBM.  We’ll show how easy it is to utilize this.  With the capability to serve up to 24 VDI users per GPU, we, Microsoft, and our OEM hardware partners believe the enterprise IT budget savings of this virtualization solution are quite enticing.  Come by and see the performance, and discuss the potential ROI numbers with us for yourself.