by Jon Barad

With the increasing number of 3D camcorders, tablets and smart phones available (Nintendo 3DS, Sony 3D Bloggie, and T-Mobile G-Slate 3D Tablet to name just a few) consumers have a lot more ways to create their own user-generated 3D content.  And typically, the most popular place to enjoy user-generated content is YouTube, so today we’re bringing those two elements together, by announcing that all 3D Vision customers can now enjoy the 3D videos already up on YouTube in high-quality, full-color stereoscopic 3D with their 3D Vision PCs.

Websites can now even embed and stream 3D Vision-ready YouTube videos on any of their pages. Check out some of the best 3D YouTube videos with 3D Vision, posted here:

Together with YouTube and Mozilla, we are enabling this feature through the introduction of 3D WebM ( encoded video streaming in Firefox 4 browsers.

To enable the feature, just follow these simple steps:

1.) Check to see if you have all the necessary components installed (, including:

– NVIDIA 3D Vision (, which requires:


+ 3D Vision monitor, notebook or projector

+ 3D Vision glasses

+ 3D Vision IR emitter (USB or built-in)

Note: If you have a HDMI 1.4 3D TV and a GeForce PC, you can purchase 3DTV Play software.  Find out more here: (

– NVIDIA Driver 275 or above

– Firefox 4 (or later) –

2.) Go directly to Youtube and select the “HTML5 Stereo View” method from the list provided here:

3.) Enjoy YouTube in all its 3D glory!

And for web developers that want to embed YouTube 3D videos or stream your own HTML5 videos, you can find more information under the HTML5 section here:

Check it out and let us know what you think, in the comments below.

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  • Ma Rui Sheng

    Great news, than finally we will have an unlimited source of 3D content 🙂

  • Midas Peña


  • Frieder Baumann

    Well good news for those who have got money… But i think 3D screens are too expensive. So i have to wait until they’re cheaper.
    Would be nice if i could write an article on my blog about 3d 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Would this work with other browsers that support HTML5 and WebM, like Chrome and Opera?

  • Benjamin Wan

    On Drivers 275.27 and tried out the link after receiving the two green boxes which means I have passed the hardware checks. But the emitter doesn’t turn on for any video, and I also get HTML5 3D unavailable. Not sure what to make of it.

  • Pat Aug

    i have IE9 and 3D kits,no IE9 dont support that..damm i have to go Firefox now.

  • Anonymous

    The problems that some may be having is due to a window-mode
    configuration issue within the 275 beta driver. It has been identified
    and will be fixed the 275 UDA release which is due in the coming days.
    Sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused.

    you can find more FAQ here:

    wrt the “HTML5 unavailable” issue you noticed, YouTube doesn’t yet support videos in HTML5 on channels, or those with ads or overlays.

  • George Millington

    Hi, not yet.  Only Firefox 4 includes support for both HTML5 and 3D Vision today. 

  • Ian Walker

    so how do i view 3d content on youtube? I have all the prerequisites – 3d monitor, glasses (nividia), adequate card… Why announce something is possible and get people to download beta drivers and then have them flop around trying to get something to work which plainly doesn’t work? Did you test this or just go way too soon?
    Give me a stinkin URl that stinkin works…

    what a joke, how to piss people off 101!

  • Stéphane Urvoy

    How about Quadro drivers ?

  • Peter Brophy

    I’m able to watch various trailers and stuff in 3D fine, but I’ve tried to put my own movie up here:

    And it doesn’t work – just getting  HTML5 3D Unavailable error 🙁

    Any ideas what to do?  

  • Peter Brophy

    Strange.  Works fine a day later. 

  • Shawn Taft

    This is very exciting, Thank you very much.