There’s a brand new product coming to the 3D Vision lineup this June – 3D Vision wired glasses. These glasses will deliver the same great 3D Vision features and quality you have come to know and love, at a more affordable price of $99 US MSRP.

When we first launched 3D Vision two years ago, our focus was on ensuring 3D Vision was supported on hundreds of PC Games. Since then we’ve broadened our efforts to include developing the best new features and functionality for you, our users.  From 3D Vision Surround for  gaming across three full-HD 3D displays, to Blu-ray 3D movie playback, to Window mode support for 3D games and applications.

And, just this week, we launched YouTube 3D Vision support, which gives you access to thousands of 3D YouTube videos in high-quality, stereoscopic 3D.

Along with the latest and greatest technology, it’s important that we deliver affordable products.  In March we announced a lower price for 3D Vision wireless glasses kits:  $149 US MSRP, $50 less than our original kit price.  And now with 3D Vision wired glasses, enjoying 3D is more affordable than ever.

A bit more about the glasses: They connect via USB 2.0 to a PC or notebook, and work with all the existing 3D Vision content, displays and other devices.  A notch in the USB connector enables you to use a standard cable lock system too – like those from Kensington – to secure the glasses to a PC or table.  It’s a great feature for LAN parties and iCafé gaming centers.

Stay tuned for more info and look for 3D Vision wired glasses showing up at the NVIDIA store and from leading retailers/e-tailers starting in late June.

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  • Anonymous

    Will these work simultaneously with existing IR-based 3D Vision glasses (i.e., extra pair for someone else to view same content)?

  • George Millington

    Yes, you can use both the 3D Vision wired and wireless glasses simultaneously.  On a single system you can connect up to 4 wired glasses + one IR emitter for use with the wireless glasses.

  • Joé Steines

    Can we connect them with the non wired version on one pc?
    Ops first read comments then ask XD

  •án-Ávila/596617717 Germán Ávila

    Same quality as the 1st one right? Also same ghost? Just asking 🙂 Sadly i got mine one month ago 😛