by Kris Rey

Day Two of E3 2011 has come and gone, and we came away with some great interviews with game developers for you.

Today was more frenzied than Day One, with the convention center more packed with attendees. But fear not. We managed to wade through the masses to bring you interviews with the makers of Star Wars The Old Republic, Battlefield 3 and World of Tanks. Your inner fan-boy can thank us later.

First up is Star Wars The Old Republic. We found game developer Bioware in their impressively designed portion of the EA booth and got them to spill on what makes SWTOR so unique compared to other MMOs. As you’ll see below, the computer graphic cinematic for SWTOR was absolutely gorgeous.

Next, we fought our way to the Battlefield 3 section of EA’s booth to get the scoop on the game from the game’s developer, DICE. The audio tracks blasting throughout the booth simulated what we have to imagine are the sounds of a live battlefield. We somehow managed to film an interview amidst the aural chaos of the Battlefield 3 booth.

Our last interview of the day features a unique game called World of Tanks – a hybrid game that is basically a mash up of MMO, FPS and straight up tank action. Developers like Wargaming.net are really doing right by the community with a game like World of Tanks. The game is free to play with premium versions offering you the option to fast-track your way to dominating your opponent in 1 of over 200 tanks. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Wargaming setup a fully functional tank right on the show floor.

So, that’s Day 2 in a nutshell. We’ll have even more great stuff lined up for you tomorrow. Make sure to stay tuned to our blogFacebook and Twitter for cool PC specific content and show coverage.


Star Wars The Old Republic

Battlefield 3

World of Tanks