by Kris Rey

E3 2011 has officially shuttered its doors at the Los Angeles Convention Center after a dizzying week of eye-boggling games and sensory-overloading booths. Next year’s E3 promises to be even better, as exhibitors have already started to prepare for it. For now, though, focus on the sights and sounds of this year’s wonder.

Game-publisher Electronic Arts presented booths that proved quite the spectacle. On display were some of the most eagerly anticipated games of 2011, shown off amidst the dazzle of massive screens, flashing lights and bewildering sounds. The booth’s big-screen was so physically and aurally imposing that every game trailer splashed onto the projector screen seemed to literally push us back a step or two. Imagine the sights and sounds you’d experience at a rock concert and you have a good idea of what it felt like to be inside the EA booth.

We can’t forget the likes of 2K, which wowed us with a booth that showed off headlining gaming titles, like Bioshock Infinite and Duke Nukem Forever. The booth’s design was a bit more subdued, as it was set up with a handful of private viewing rooms. The lounge in the center of the booth was dominated by a massive Bioshock Infinite. Impressive. Still, more impressive was the massive screen that literally transformed an entire wall into one huge projection screen. Imagine Duke Nukem 60 feet tall and blasting aliens out into the crowd. He was definitely all out of bubble gum.

Activision also had a unique booth that highlights game-play and various trailers throughout the booth. The booth was set up as a set of huge screens, continually looping gaming footage and trailers for upcoming titles. In normal fashion, Activision teased us with screens displaying count-down timers for unreleased trailers. Talk about drumming up pre-launch envy.

And E3 just wouldn’t be E3 without Booth Models and I can confirm that the show was home to droves of them.

We felt that words just couldn’t sum up what this show is like, so we put together a video showcasing the sights and sounds of E3 2011 – check it out below.

E3 is just the start as we are on our way to the launch of Duke Nukem Forever. So, make sure to stay tuned to our blogFacebook and Twitter for coverage of the King in his return to glory.