by Cathy Chang

GPU supercomputers and HPCs delivering 100x speed-ups, are they for real?

A handful of the 30+ attendees at the June 6th meeting of the HPC & GPU Supercomputing Group of Silicon Valley seemed to think so, while the rest remained skeptical.

Throughout the meetup’s featured talk, Jike Chong, adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon, principal application architect at Parasians (a parallel-computing startup) and the organizer of this HPC/GPU meetup group, raised five key questions to shed some light on this discussion:

  • What does 100x speed-up mean?
  • Who is concerned about 100x speed-up?
  • Where do 100x speed-ups come from?
  • When is this comparison useful?
  • How can I get this speedup?

Jike’s talk focused on the critical role that application developers play in the changing semiconductor ecosystem. He distinguished the application developers’ role from the roles of other important players in the industry, such as architecture researchers.

He introduced the audience to the past and present practices of industry professionals and researchers, as they work towards answering the question about how to attain speed-ups across different processors and platforms. He then explained how, in the field of computational finance,  enormous speedups are possible using parallel computing.

With this background in place, he discussed how startups utilize  parallel application development, and the mistakes they sometimes make.

Finally, Jike made recommendations for organizations that are seeking 100x speedups. Using such game changing technology advances will enable significant cost savings and enable new revenue capabilities. (See slides below for additional information)

100x speedups, are they real? Take a look at the slides and let us know what you think!

**Footnote: The “100x speedup, is it real?” talk builds on a recently published Berkeley Paper on this topic, which the speaker co-authored.


PDF slide presentation

HPC & GPU Supercomputing Group of Silicon Valley

Recently published Berkeley Paper on speedups