by Will Park

Audi is red-hot in the automotive world, with sales up 20 percent this year, thanks to the strength of new models like the A7, which not only features great styling but also new technology powered by NVIDIA.

Audi A7 Google Earth Audi MMI

The Audi A7 navigation system is powered by Google Earth and NVIDIA.

The A7 features an award-winning navigation system that combines Google Earth satellite imagery with 3D terrain and an onboard road database to display a detailed topographical view. The nav system, powered by an NVIDIA GPU, is dynamically updated and supports voice commands. It’s the first nav system from an automobile manufacturer to use Google Earth.

We recently visited the VW of America Electronics Research Lab to take the A7 for a test drive and learn about other innovations that Audi is working on using GPUs.

Audi A7 three quarter front - resized

The supercharged Audi A7 is smart and sexy.

Check out this short video with Danny Shapiro, director of NVIDIA automotive technology, for more.