by Kingsley Nwaogu

Editor’s note: This is a contributed blog post from Kingsley Nwaogu, who won the grand prize in our “Why I’m A Notebook Gamer” Contest, after his gaming video was selected by our judges. His prize: an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M-powered, ASUS G74SX 3D gaming notebook. The following is Kingsley’s take on why he’s a notebook gamer. (Congrats, also, to our runners-up Jon Gull and Logan Walcher who won NVIDIA game bundles.)

I entered the contest for one simple reason: the ASUS G74 gaming notebook. I wanted the power of its NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M. But I had no idea how, as a college student, I’d be able to afford one on my own. This contest changed all that.

My notebook acts as the main headquarters for my gaming needs and doubles as my work computer when I need to finish projects for school. So, whether it’s laying down punishment at Call Of Duty LAN parties or showing off at school, I want to play at my best and stay ahead of the competition. And I’m able to do all of this without the heavy burden of extra cords and equipment to hold me in place.

I also enjoy watching funny videos on YouTube. Since I’m an acting major in college, I thought I might try my own comedic spin on the video submission for this contest. I was really surprised at how much work it took to make a video like this on my own. All in all, I really had a fun time participating in this contest.

Winning the ASUS G74 with the awesome NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M graphics card means that I’ll be able to play games like The Witcher 2 and Dirt 3 the way that the developer intended.

Thank you, NVIDIA!

-Kingsley Nwaogu