by Andrew Fear

If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading your GeForce PC to add 3D Vision support, we have a treat for you.

Starting today, and for a limited time, NVIDIA 3D Vision wireless glasses kits include a free copy of Duke Nukem Forever.  You can purchase the 3D Vision Duke Nukem Forever special edition today for $149 (USD MSRP) at these North American etailers:, and NCIX.

Or, look for the 3D Vision Duke Nukem Forever special edition bundle at your local retail store.

The game has sparked some controversy for its decidedly political incorrectness. But I’ve always been fond of Duke. Even with the cheesy lines, the bathroom humor and overly patriotic tones, Duke just has a way of winning your heart while you laugh at the over-the-top ridiculousness of the game.

Now, Duke Nukem looks better than ever. Once limited only to MS-DOS graphics, today Duke bursts out of the screen with full 3D Vision support, NVIDIA Surround support and HD graphics.  Imagine hunting down aliens at up to 5760×1080 resolution in a completely immersive experience. You can’t beat the experience!

Some reviewers have been playing the game and they love the 3D experience. Here’s what they had to say:

“The Duke Nukem Forever experience in 3D Vision was a treat. Experiencing real 3D graphics makes the “flat” 3D we’ve grown used to seem primitive and limiting”

“Duke Nukem Forever gets two big thumbs up from this reviewer on the implementation of 3D Vision and also 3D Vision Surround – which is just “more is better” – the widescreen view adds to the game although fortunately most of the action takes place right in front of you.”

If you have a 3D Vision PC and want to get a quick look at how cool Duke Nukem Forever looks in 3D, visit the 3D screenshot gallery at