by James Grunke

[Update]: Headline has been modified. Paragraph with Huskystarcraft’s quote deleted.

Game play kicked off this week at the GeForce StarCraft II Pro/Am (GSPA) Tournament, hosted on The tournament features over $22,000 in total cash and hardware prizes.  Co-Sponsor ASUS is providing hardware prizes with the top 10 pro and amateur players winning graphics cards featuring the GTX 500 series of GPUs.

As you might already know, StarCraft II is one of the largest video game communities, with tens of millions of players worldwide. Being a PC-only game, StarCraft II is extremely important to NVIDIA as the GeForce GTX series of GPUs bring impressive graphics acceleration and an incredible gaming experience to SC2 gamers

The GSPA Tournament will feature a professional player track that includes over 90 of the top pro StarCraft II players in the world. Some of the notable players in this track are:

  • Korean Top Teams: Incredible Miracle, ZENEX, Slayers Boxers team (The emperor himself), StarTale
  • American Top Players:  LiquidJinro, EGIdrA, FXOSheth

The pro-player matches will be “shout-casted” on You Tube video by co-sponsors HuskyStarCraft and Day[9] on The Game Station Channel as well as on For the uninitiated, “Shout-casting” is to e-sports what sportscasting is to football or soccer. Shout-casters call the game action and make expert commentary for the audience’s understanding and entertainment.

Homepage of GeForce Starcraft II SC2 SCII Pro/Am tournament, shoutcasted by Huskystarcraft and Day[9[

The first two GSPA intro video releases to date already have garnered more than 400,000 views. Amateur registration was over double our best-case estimates with over 9,300 players from around the globe, many playing in their first tournament. This one of the largest StarCraft II tournaments ever.

All tournaments matches are one-versus-one, head-to-head battles. There will be at least five weeks of guaranteed group play for all players, with the top players from each group moving on to the double-elimination championship brackets. World-class tournament features including match setting, anti-cheat controls, leader boards, commentary blogs, and more are being provided by tournament management veterans, Cevo (

Our GeForce users are some of the most passionate gamers on the planet. This free tournament and all the great casting coverage from Husky and Day9 are our way of providing a really fun and rewarding experience for our best customers.