Aerial drones are one of the most successful tools in the military’s arsenal to fight insurgents in places like Afghanistan.

But one of the challenges of using video collected from such planes was that it tended to shake like an earthquake, as the ultra-light drones were buffeted by air currents.

In their search for a real-time video stabilization solution, the  military turned to MotionDSP’s GPU-powered technology to allow them to distinguish friend from foe on the battlefield.

San Mateo, California-based MotionDSP’s solution to the military’s shaky video woes is a piece of software known as “Ikena ISR.” The software uses CUDA and sophisticated multi-frame algorithms to clean up grainy, shaky video in real-time. Now in use by the Air Force, Navy, Secret Service, Homeland Security, and law enforcement agencies around the world, Ikena ISR relies on GPUs for real-time processing.

We recently visited MotionDSP to talk with its CEO, Sean Varah, and see Ikena ISR in action. We put together this short video (above), which shows how the same technology used by the military can also be used by consumers to clean up shaky cell phone video ( vReveal 3, available for free). It’s a compelling example of how a military technology can “trickle down” to the consumer market, and yet another application that requires a GPU for optimal performance.

Are there any situations where you wished you had video stabilization on your phone? Sound off in the comments below!



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  • David Brennan

    You sure are proud about helping a war aren’t you. Idiots.

  • Anonymous

    David, war is an inevitable part of human existence. If we don’t use the technology then the terrorist will. Glad that they made this technology available to us! Think before you speak…

  • ishoo_

    Yeah you’re right, lets completely disregard anything that has to do with security too and forget about something as to lets say enhancing a license plate on a vehicle that was involved in a shooting because apparently in your delusional world these kind of programs are “promoting” war.
    MotionDSP are evil aren’t they. Idiot.

  • Konrad Bak

    The true is: a lot of high tech was invented for army and later jumped to “normal” life…

  • Arunas kl

    Ignore poor pacifist fag.

  • Lucian Armasu

    Qualcomm just leaked this out:

    I suppose you’ll have something more interesting by then in Tegra 4? Or will it be Tegra 5 by then? lol

  • Jamie Clay

    Rully? Is this how shortsighted you are?  Wouldn’t you want the best tech for our soldiers? 

  • Jamie Clay

    It would be interesting to see how well this technology works on removing gate weave from film transfers.