by Tom Petersen

One of the great things about working at NVIDIA is the ability to talk to gamers all around the world.

This week, I’m  in Bogota, Colombia, for the annual Campus Party, a seven-day, around-the-clock festival for PC gamers, computer programmers and console fans. I am struck by the passion for gaming that the folks here share and am impressed by all the high-performance gaming rigs utilizing hardware that ranges from older, creatively leveraged technology to the new GeForce GTX 580 SLI.

Picture of the LAN setup at the Campus Party in Bogota Colombia
This is the LAN setup at the Campus Party

The Campus Party is unique in that it attracts 80,000 or more attendees throughout the week. The main event area is flanked by various stages, where companies and personalities hold presentations on almost an hourly basis. The topics range from programming tips and game development all the way to NASA space exploration and modeling brain functions. Let’s just say, it’s really easy to get your geek on at the Campus Party.

NVIDIA is lucky enough to be participating this year with the folks at Gamers On, Columbia’s numberone PC and console gaming publication. Needless to say, the PC crowd is hungry for game content, so we obliged them with a variety of demos, including Alice: Madness Returns, Duke Nukem Forever (in 3D Vision Surround naturally). We also showed off our GlowBall demo to highlight the graphics-processing prowess of our upcoming Kal-El chip, which is designed for tablets and cell phones.

Bomb suit and bomb robot at Campus Party in Bogota Colombia
Bomb suit and robot in Expo Area

Sponsored by Telefonica, a top telecommunications company, the Campus Party also includes an interesting expo area. This year, Campus Party attendees have the opportunity to try out the Policía Nacional de Colombia’s bomb suits and remote-controlled robots in the expo area.

All in all, this was a fantastic week for us. We are excited to see how PC gaming is very strong in Latin America, and the enthusiasm that Campus Party attendees have for NVIDIA is very gratifying. We look forward to making an annual trek down here, and wait with bated breath for the first Campus Party in the U.S.. Here’s a teaser: according to our secret sources, Campus Party U.S. may come to Silicon Valley in 2012. We can’t wait!