by Hector Marinez

I was approached a couple weeks ago by the NVIDIA Foundation – which directs the company’s non-profit activities – to speak to participants in a Silicon Valley summer program. And when I found it was a group of Breakthrough Silicon Valley students I was really jazzed.

For me, Breakthrough Silicon Valley’s mission is very inspiring as it aims to help motivated, under-served middle school and high school students attain academic success, leading them to college. It also inspires and trains high school and college students to enter careers in education.

We learned about Breakthrough SV through NVIDIA’s annual ritual of nominating worthy organizations for grants of up to $50,000, certainly no small beans. Each spring, we ask NVIDIA employees to introduce us to the organizations about which they’re most passionate. And Breakthrough SV directly mapped to a leading cause inside the green walls of NVIDIA – education.

Our support of Breakthrough SV, focused on STEM (science, technology, education and math) education, has already helped prepare 100 middle school students to succeed academically in college prep high school courses. It’s also helped another 60 high schoolers prepare for the college application process.

After spending the morning with these kids, I have a lot more confidence in the future of our country. They were pretty impressive.

Check out this video for more.