by Will Park

NVIDIAns work hard, and we play even harder. When we race virtual racecars, for example, we use state-of-the-art tech – and we have pictures to prove it.

A Trinity Racing Concepts racecar simulator.

Trinity Racing Concepts – a local Silicon Valley specialist in designing and building custom simulators — recently hauled their sensory-blasting racing simulators to our headquarters. Employees were able to duke it out on a virtual race track. At stake: street cred and bragging rights.

Droves of eager NVIDIA racer wannabes clamored past desks and cubicles to a tucked-away corner of one of our buildings to get their race on. The crowd was mostly light-hearted, but the air was laced with barely suppressed competitive spirit. Suffice it to say, lesser racers’ egos were served healthy portions of reality-check pie, as skilled drivers earned their place among NVIDIA’s sim racing legends.

We also wanted to give pint-sized NVIDIAns a chance to join in the fun.  So, at our official Bring Your Children To Work Day, on July 27, we asked Trinity Racing to set up their racing simulators for the kids. Given their system’s realism, we weren’t surprised to see most kids abandon all hope of improving their lap times and instead resort to bashing their virtual racecars into walls and fellow racers.

The kids loved “driving” a racecar.

Fitted with NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround technology and packing NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 GPUs under the hood, Trinity’s racing simulators deliver an immersive, 3D racing experience that comes as close to the real thing as you could hope for while still in the safety and comfort of an office building. Each simulator sports three 3D Vision Ready monitors configured in 3D Vision Surround, wrapping around the driver to provide peripheral, three-dimensional vision.

In case you’re wondering, these are the kind of simulators that military pilots and real racecar drivers use to hone their skills. In other words, they’re a hoot.

The work we do at NVIDIA isn’t easy. Sometimes, it’s downright hard. But, it’s perks like our virtual race days that make it all worthwhile.

Make sure to check out our photo gallery below.

*A special thanks to Trinity Racing for giving NVIDIA’s kids and kids-at-heart a glimpse of what it’s like to be in the cockpit of a real racecar. Find out more about Trinity Racing at www.trinity-racing.com