by Will Park

After some serious deliberation, we’re proud to announce that NVIDIA and have chosen the winners of the sixth annual NVArt competition. It was no easy task, but we’ve whittled down the playing field to just six artists who will be receiving tens of thousands of dollars worth of prizes and cash.

This year’s competition – NVArt 6: Moving Innovation – focused on innovation in personal computing devices. Technology advances so quickly that in a few years time, today’s smartphones, tablets and notebooks will seem like relics from the past. It’s exciting to dream about what new tech we’ll see just over the horizon. The winners below submitted their visions of the future of technology, and we have to say we can’t wait to see if they come true.

First up, the Grand Prize goes to Anthony Scime of the United States. Anthony will receive $10,000 (USD) and two NVIDIA Quadro 6000 professional graphics cards (valued at $4,999 USD ea., MSRP). Anthony actually came in second in last year’s NVArt 5 competition. His winning submission this year: a beautifully rendered image depicting a young girl as she interacts with a holographic learning tool. You can view Anthony’s NVArt 6 submission at
Anthony Scime's 1st place prize winning work for NVArt 6

Second Prize goes to Stéphane Chasseloup of Spain, who wins $2,000 (USD) and two NVIDIA Quadro 6000s. Chasseloup’s winning entry: a clever pull-out, all in one cylindrical device. Check out her NVArt 6 submission at
Stéphane Chasseloup's 2nd place prize winning work for NVArt 6

Third Prize winner Vladimir Voelk of Germany wins $1,000 (USD) and an NVIDIA Quadro 6000 for his compact, fan-like all-in-one computing device which unfurls to reveal its full glory. Find this winning entry at
Vladimir Voelk's 3rd place prize winning work for NVArt 6

Fourth Prize will be going to Kamil Deluga of Poland. His submission, depicting a holographic modeling/sculpting device, won him an NVIDIA Quadro 6000. You can find his NVArt 6 submission at
Kamil Deluga's 4th place prize winning work for NVArt 6

Fifth Prize winner Hamid Ibrahim hails from the Maldives. He will be getting a new NVIDIA Quadro 6000. Ibrahim’s winning entry depicts a curved, holographic device that seems to merge a tablet device with holographic technology. You can find his NVArt 6 submission at
Hamid Ibrahim's 5th place prize winning work for NVArt 6

Lastly, there’s an additional winner this year. The Special Prize for Best Product Visualization goes to Szikszai Gusztav of Hungary. Szikszai can expect to receive two NVIDIA Quadro 6000s for his mechanical Ring Clock, which uses three individual dials to tell time. Check out the Ring Clock submission at
Szikszai Gusztav's 6th place prize winning work for NVArt 6


Congratulations from NVIDIA and CGSociety to all of this year’s winners.

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