by Sheryl Huynh

Call your friends. Ask your significant other for forgiveness. Gear up and get ready to geek out for 48 hours of non-stop gaming goodness. The legendary GeForce LAN is back and, this time, it’s on an aircraft carrier.

As if stringing together miles of network cables wasn’t enough of a challenge, this will be the first time a 48-hour LAN party with hundreds of gamers will be held on the historic USS Hornet, a retired WWII-era aircraft carrier in Alameda, Calif., just outside San Francisco.

At this year’s GeForce LAN – in its sixth incarnation, if you’re counting – we’ll be showcasing the highly-anticipated Battlefield 3 (get the tie-in now with the USS Hornet?) PC game. Watch the trailers for this game and you’ll see why Battlefield 3 is sending PC gamers around the world into a veritable frenzy.

As usual, GeForce LAN will feature a massive BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) area, around-the-clock tournaments and contests, gobs of prizes and an exhibits area where you’ll find PC gaming vendors showing off their latest and greatest.

Registration will open soon. We’ll offer BYOC tickets (for those hardcore enough to spend 48 hours gaming with us), as well as general admission tickets (for those who just want to come by and experience this event, check out Battlefield 3, and the USS Hornet). We’ll also have limited spots available for sleeping aboard in the USS Hornet barracks for those in the BYOC.

Yes, boys and girls, you get room and board at this LAN party. We’ll even lead a few rounds of dodgeball on the flight deck to help you stretch your legs.

Don’t miss this event  – just ask those who have been to a GeForce LAN before:

More details to be released in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.