by Donal Murphy

Eager GPU computing supporters will flock later this year to Beijing’s China National Convention Center to attend NVIDIA’s inaugural pan-Asian GPU Technology Conference (GTC).

GTC Asia 2011, which will take place in December 2011, is a response to the high-performance computing community’s growing interest in GPU computing. Following the successes of our regional GTCs –  which have attracted talented programmers, developers, scientists and academic researchers – we want to extend our support to the CUDA programming community based in Asia.

A panoramic shot of the CNCC (right) and Bird’s Nest (left)

GTC Asia 2011 will offer over 60 technical sessions across two busy days of world-class education. The conference will offer workshops on exascale computing and GPU-accelerated genomics. The speaker lineup includes GPU computing experts from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute for Process Engineering, Beijing Genomics Institute and National Taiwan University. As always, a host of NVIDIA engineers will be at the show to present and collaborate with attendees.

English and Mandarin Chinese are the official languages of the conference, and we’ll be offering real-time translation services to attendees, depending on the language preference of the speaker. It should be very United Nations-esque.

To date, NVIDIA has hosted GTC events in Singapore, Taiwan, Israel and Japan. These regional GTCs attracted more than 2,000 total participants interested in deep-dive technical sessions, tutorials, panel discussions, research posters and invaluable peer-to-peer networking across disciplines like life sciences, energy, manufacturing and supercomputing.

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