by Jon Barad

[Update: Due to inclement weather, the matches have been postponed. Schedule updated below]

Put on your 3D Vision glasses because the Women’s Singles Final and Men’s Singles Final US Open matches will be streaming in full 3D via the official US Open website.

Last year’s 3D production of the 2010 US Open Tennis Championships – the first world-wide 3D broadcast of a major tennis tournament – was honored with a 2010 Emmy Award for technical achievement. This year’s expanded 3D broadcast coverage goes all-court with several new 3D-specific camera positions designed by the telecast partners, providing the best 3D perspectives. Capturing the action is a fleet of 10 broadcast 3D cameras and a high-speed 3D replay system. The US Open will also use a pre-production model of Panasonic’s new 3DP1 handheld Full HD 3D professional camcorder (available later this fall)  to provide match and grounds coverage for the telecast.

2011 US Open Finals
Women’s Singles Final Sep. 11, 4pm ET
Men’s Singles Final Sep. 12, 4pm ET
New 3D Camera Angles 10
Prototype 3D Camera Panasonic 3DP1 3D
Live 3D Stream

The US Open stream will be delivered to you through the NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player (v1.7.2).

Gear Up for the US Open in 3D
To ensure you’re ready to watch the US Open 3D live stream, check the system requirements below:

  1. NVIDIA 3D Vision Glasses – NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit
  2. NVIDIA 3D Vision-Ready PC – click here to see if your PC is on the list
  3. NVIDIA 3D Vision-Ready Display – 3D Vision System Requirements
  4. NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player – download it here
  5. Update to the latest GeForce Driver here
  6. Operating System – Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7

To find more information and access the stream, visit:

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