by Phil Scholz

Good news for those of you who are patiently waiting to register for GeForce LAN 6. We’ve officially opened registration for our annual GeForce LAN – with seats available on a first come, first served basis.

If you haven’t yet heard, this year’s GeForce LAN will be on a boat – the WWII-era aircraft carrier USS Hornet, to be precise. Neither T-Pain nor Andy Samberg has returned my calls, but I’m still holding out hope.

When you walk onto the USS Hornet next month, you’ll be greeted by a scent unlike any other – metal, oil, machinery, hard work and history. It’s hard to describe, but you’ll definitely get the sense that this ship (and its past crews) have been through a lot.

The superstructure on the USS Hornet flight deck

On the flight deck, you’ll see San Francisco across the Bay, an F4 fighter jet in need of a paint job and a solitary F14 Tomcat air superiority fighter at the western end of the deck (apparently ready for action at a moment’s notice). There’s also plenty of room for dodgeball up there, so bring your ball-handling skills with you. Below the deck, the hangar bay is not only wide, but several hundred feet long – it’s going to look cool when it’s completely filled and buzzing with attendees’ PCs.

Here’s some of the Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) goodness planned for this epic, two-day affair:

  • A 64-player Battlefield 3 tournament (before the game is even released)
  • Lunch and dinner for BYOC attendees each day
  • Fun and embarrassing contests (I did say dodgeball…)
  • Several sponsor partners showing off what’s new for the holiday shopping season

If you’re planning to register as a BYOC attendee, you might want to check out our LANCAMP option. LANCAMP attendees will spend Friday and Saturday night aboard the USSHornet in their very own Navy-certified, smaller-than-your-childhood-bed rack (“Navy” for bed). For two nights, you’ll get a taste of what it was like for generations of sailors who were underway on the Hornet throughout its many decades of service.

GeForce LAN could not happen without the support of our sponsors, and we’re stoked to have so many on board (yes, I just wrote that).

Platinum Partners: EVGA, Toshiba

Gold Partners: Corsair, MSI, ZOTAC

Silver Partners: Coolermaster, Cyberpower, Digital Storm, Plantronics, Systemax, V3

3D Monitors provided by: ASUS

Additional Support from: Antec, Falcon Northwest, and Kingston

If you’re in India and can’t make it out the Bay Area, we’re also expanding GeForce LAN overseas. Our NVIDIA India team will host over 1,000 PC gamers for PC tournaments and contests in Mumbai. And, if that’s not enough, GeForce LAN Mumbai attendees will all have a chance to pit their gaming skills against Bollywood megastar (and PC gaming fanatic) Shahrukh Khan.

[Special thanks to Mat Harris for his headline image contribution. See more of his work here.]