At long last, the wait for Battlefield 3 is over.

No more window-gazing at awe-inspiring BF3 screenshots and trailers. It’s time to play. And, to help you make the most of your PC, we’ve released new GeForce R285.38 beta drivers built for Battlefield 3 beta.

Join me in the open beta of Battlefield 3, starting Sept. 29th (or as early as Sept. 27th if you pre-ordered through Origin).

Before you go into battle, make sure your PC meets the game’s recommended specs and download our new GeForce 285.38 beta drivers.

GeForce 285.38 highlights:

  • Increases performance in Battlefield 3 by up to 38 percent*.
  • Improves overall stability and image quality in Battlefield 3.
  • Adds or updates SLI profiles for Battlefield 3, Dead Island, Diablo III, Dragon Age 2, Need for Speed: The Run, and Saints Row: The Third.

For more detail, refer to the release highlights on the driver download page. Also, read the GeForce R285 article on

Enjoy the Battlefield 3 beta, and let us know what you think of the new drivers in the comments below.

*Performance measured vs. GeForce 285.27 driver on GeForce GTX 570 at 2650×1600 (DX11 enabled)

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  • Phillip Black

    Will this work with a 460m?

  • Alejandro Blancarte

    If you look on the Nvidia website they have a Verde R285 Driver for download that will work with the 460m. Here is for 32bit: ; and 64bit:

  • Talles Airan


  • Michael Loizou

    I would rather wait for the finalized version of this driver. I can wait a couple of weeks more. Thanks anyway!!!

  • John

    Please, fuck yourselves. This display driver release has taken me three hours, because apparently, who ever the fuck idiot programmer, decided to dump support for mini HDMI on the 460, with SLI. Yay for not being able to reconnect my monitor, piece of shit company. I now see the value in AMD. 

  • SEO Sydney

    Where can i download it !

  • Anonymous

    Here is the download link:

  • William Grubb

    What about us laptop users I have 2 485M’s in sli and the new driver wont install.

  • FrancisJav

    The control panel app keeps crashing and I can’t overclock my card… what a waste of time, I’ve always trusted your betas UNTIL TODAY!… thanks for nothing Nvidia!

  • Bob

    Well, I’ve got a 250 GTS and these new Beta Drivers run at probably 5-8 FPS… Horrible! Reverted back to 280

  • Sathyaraj Shettigar

    gts 250 !

  • Julian Kay

    It says:
    Nvidia Installer cannot continue
    The Driver cound’t find a kompatible Hardware ?!?!?

    Can anyone please help me?

  • Bo Mar

    I can’t seem to get a response from NVIDIA regarding a driver download problem I’ve encountered.  After trying to download an driver update I now have the website automatically loading each time I turn the computer on.  This morning it has opened 14 times so far – it’ll do this all day.  I’ll shut the sites down and they just reload.  How do I stop NVIDIA from disrupting my computer operation?

    This is a real ‘pain in the butt’ – I’m sorry I went to the NVIDIA website to begin with.

    If there’s another site I should be re-directed to please let me know.

  • Mads Friis Kiær

    I dont know what’s wrong with your shitty driver, but I keep getting the same error.
    I have the latest driver for GTX 470 installed, and I have tried to simply install the new beta driver on top of it. Doesn’t work.
    I have also tried uninstalling the current driver (non-beta) + removing the remaining files in Safe Mode with Driver Sweeper, and then installing the beta driver after a reboot. Doesn’t work.

    I have a high-end PC, and I simply dont understand what the problem is. Before you ask, obviously it’s the correct 64-bit version I’m trying to install.

    Also, what’s up with releasing a beta driver that clearly havn’t been tested prio to release, especially for such an anticipated game as BF3?



  • Mads Friis Kiær

    Come on already… fix a fucking driver

  • Anonymous

    Hi Bob, this sounds like an installation issue. I recommend trying again using the ‘Clean Install’ option under custom. We provide help for technical issues on the NVIDIA forums. If you have further issues please address them to the modertator here:

  • Anonymous

    Hi Julian, please check to make sure your GPU is supported by the driver (check the products supported tab). If you believe there is still an issue, we provide help for technical issues on the NVIDIA forums. If you have further issues please address them to the modertator here:

  • Anonymous

    Hi Bo, we provide help for technical issues on the NVIDIA forums. You can address them to the modertator here:

  • Jeff Sweet

    Well …on my system the display drivers just stop working and the screen goes blank for a few secounds and then the drivers recover. This just happens in standard Win7 running a GTX 560ti card. Other then the few black outs they seem good.

  • Anonymous

    Hi William, if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 the driver should install for your GeForce 485M SLI notebook. If you send me the hardware ID for your 485M from the device manager, I can verify.

  • Anonymous

    The NVIDIA forums are a great place to get system specific help: (I mention ‘system specific’ because other GTX 470 users have successfully installed this driver). The forum users and moderator can help you troubleshoot your specific issue. You can also try our live help service here:

  • Trevor Jay Parkinson

    Hey, the old 280.26 drivers worked good except for abit of lag in the tunnels. I downloaded the new drivers (both) and i get better performance, for example the subway glitching stopped, but the drivers are causing this weird stuttering I have a nividia 310m with 4 gigs of ram. If someone could respond I would greatly appreciate it. (remember I have no lag with the 26 drivers) 

  • Anonymous

    Hi Trevor, we’ll look into this and get a bug filed. We’ll have a new driver out by the time the game launches at the end of October. It will help if you can provide more details about your issue on the NVIDIA forums: Thanks

  • Trevor Jay Parkinson

    Thank you so much for letting me know about the new drivers (most forums don’t usually respond to my posts so this is a nice change in pace

  • Trevor Jay Parkinson

    Ok I have a problem were the new drivers provide for faster game play and no choppy game play in the metro station but they make a very distinct stuttering, a perfect example is this video.

    The only difference is that when I move it also does that stutter.

    Now the older 280.26 drivers do not stutter but there are some small dips in frame rate which is expected with the old drivers.
    My graphics card is a nvidia 310m with 4 gigs of ram on windows 7 64 bit so I get a good performance on high but it is good to go to medium settings for my best performance.
    I am just giving you guys at nvidia a bit of feed back to improve the drivers for there official release.
    For some reason I can reply to forums so I am putting it here for you to see

  • Andreas Karlsson

    I have a small problem, when I install the beta driver BF3 runs totally fine but when I try to watch a YouTube video in full screen it´s stuttering like hell like the video was recorded with 1 fps or something.

    Card: GTS 250
    Current driver: 280.26
    Windows 7 64-bit (yes i downloaded the 64-bit drivers)

    And the NVIDIA System Tools software wont install correctly, the pc just dies during install and nothing more happens after i reboot.