Adam Pintek’s Project GT90 Supercar

by Adam Pintek

My name is Adam Pintek. Welcome to my Project GT90 Supercar.

Ever since I can remember, I have been addicted to supercars. Unfortunately, the price tag has gotten in the way of fulfilling my childhood dream of owning one. Then one day not too long ago, I thought to myself, “Why not just make my own?”

I grew up in Porterville, Calif., where all my friends worked on cars. This was a great environment to ask questions and learn. And throughout high school and college I was always tweaking cars; doing fiberglass bodywork, engine swaps, and building turbo kits.

Project GT90: By the numbers
Engine 6.2L V8 twin-turbo
Engine layout Mid-Front mounted
Power (projected) 1,000 bhp
Frame Steel tube frame
Weight <2800 lbs
Wheels (front) 9.5in x 19in
Wheels (rear) 13in x 20in
Suspension Rocker-arm
Brakes 14-inch, 6 piston
Transmission 6-speed, RWD

So, here we are, some 10 years later – after building some confidence in my knowledge in auto –I’m setting out to build my dream supercar from scratch. Literally.

My goal is to build a supercar that will outperform a factory-built supercar from the likes of Bugatti, Koenigsegg and Lamborghini. Once complete, my car will have a mid-engine twin-turbocharged 6.2L V8, pushing approximately 1,000 horsepower to the ground through a custom tubular frame and 13-inch wide rear wheels – all of which will complement the aggressive look of the car’s design.

Coming from NVIDIA, it’s somewhat appropriate that this entire project was inspired by a video game. Need For Speed 2 introduced me to the 1995 Ford GT90 concept supercar. I instantly fell in love. Inspired by a stealth bomber, the GT90 had a look that I have never seen before or to this day.

The GT90 concept never made it into the production line, which drove me to become obsessed with this car. The fact that even the most well-heeled car enthusiasts could not own one made the car that much more elite.

I am currently in Stage 1 of this project. Mostly focusing on fabricating body panels and in parallel I am working with a Formula racecar builder to fabricate the final tube frame and integrate the engine and racing suspension.

Stage 2 will be all about getting the car drivable, beginning initial suspension tuning, and also finalizing body panels. The fundamental aspects of the car should be in place at this time. Hopefully this stage will begin in early Q1 of next year.

Late next year, I plan to start working on Stage 3. During this process the engine will be completely rebuilt and turbocharged, along with the more suspension adjustments to assure the power of the engine is effective. This step will be the game changer.

Expect updates from me periodically.

[Update: Rear wheel is 20-inch in diameter, weight is <2800 lbs. Text edited to clarify]