by Tonie Hansen

Here at NVIDIA Headquarters, we are ruthless about energy efficiency.

Efficient energy consumption is a priority at our Santa Clara, Calif.-based headquarters, especially in the data centers and 100+ labs throughout the company. These powerful rooms manage critical business functions and are filled with computing equipment. The teams that manage all this equipment are constantly challenged to maximize the floor space of their facility, get the best performance, while saving money on energy costs and reducing our overall carbon footprint.

NVIDIA’s data center team has saved over $1M dollars in energy over the past few years by closely testing and managing the performance of their rack space. This energy savings directly translates into less carbon being emitted into the atmosphere.

For lab managers, saving energy is a bit more challenging as each lab is tasked with a unique purpose. We’re starting to see lab managers who are rising to the energy challenge and reevaluating the methods they use to get their work done.

Below we hear from two employees from the NVIDIA data center and lab teams who are getting it right – finding ways to get every last drop of performance from their equipment and space, while doing so in an energy efficient manner that also reduces waste.

When I joined NVIDIA a little over five years ago, we had recently formed the environmental committee (the “Green Team”). From our modest beginnings in 2006 to today, the Green Team has transitioned from implementing basic environmental standards programs at the request of our customers to proactively seeking sustainable solutions to fit our needs.

GPUs are driving energy efficiency across the computing industry, from super phones to super computers. On the product engineering side, we’ve always rallied around the performance-per-watt – or perf-per-watt – as our guiding philosophy. As a company, we are very focused, at each design step, on accounting for every joule of dissipated energy and optimizing our designs for maximum energy efficiency.

Being energy efficient makes good business sense for various industries, too. Customers who are utilizing NVIDIA GPUs see the value of our energy efficient products through lower energy bills, less equipment and less waste. In our global citizenship report, which launched earlier this month, we highlighted the ways in which GPU technology is helping improve performance while cutting costs and decreasing environmental impact.

NVIDIA is committed to being as green as possible. Are you? Let us know how you decrease your environmental impact in the comments below.