by Will Park

Here we are at the day two of GeForce LAN, and the gaming action is heating up.

We started the day off with the 9AM wakeup call blasting through the USS Hornet’s speakers. The wakeup call is meant to rouse LANCAMP attendees sleeping below deck, but we found one die-hard gamer asleep in front of his computer. That’s dedication.

Johan Andersson, visual architect for DICE, the creators of Battlefield 3, hit the main stage to talk a little about the technical aspects of lighting and particle effects in the game. It’s clear a lot of hard work and innovation went into making this the most realistic first-person shooter ever.

Day two of Battlefield 3 tournament competition was nothing but heated. The tension was palpable and sometimes erupted into decidedly colorful verbal sparring sessions. At this point, only the elite remain – with less than a full day standing between them and GeForce LAN 6 tournament glory.

Those knocked out of tournament play kept busy with various contests and activities. Between the trivia questions, massively multiplayer games of rock-paper-scissors, exhibitor swag and ship tours, there was plenty to do.

Only the final round of GeForce LAN 6 tournament competition remains. Stay tuned.