by Will Park

GeForce LAN 6 has officially ended, and by all accounts it was an unqualified success.

Now that the banners have been taken down, the gear disassembled and tired gamers are getting back to their normal lives, we wanted to share a few highlights from the final day of the event.

Team DC won back-to-back games in the final round of Battlefield 3 tournament play, taking first place. Their coordinated efforts won Team DC members brand new GeForce GTX graphics cards, not to mention the “street cred” associated with winning the entire GeForce LAN 6 Battlefield 3 tournament.  The runner-up slot went to Team 20iD.

GeForce LAN gamers’ charitable sides came to play, raising over $20,000 for the Child’s Play organization. Child’s Play provides books, toys and video games to kids too sick to leave the hospital. NVIDIA employees also answered the call to charity with direct donations.

After multiple days of continuous gaming, we could only think of one way to close the event: a massive raffle contest. Dozens of lucky attendees came away with prizes ranging from high-end gaming PCs to GeForce graphics cards to gaming headsets.  All in all, NVIDIA and our gracious event sponsors gave away hundreds of prizes over the weekend.

The only good thing about the last day of a GeForce LAN event is that it’s one day closer to next year’s gamer gathering.  And, it’s also one day closer to the launch of Battlefield 3.

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