Grow Your Mo For Cancer Awareness

by Tonie Hansen

More than 100 NVIDIA employees in the U.S., UK and Australia this month are growing one for cancer awareness – growing a moustache, that is. They are supporting an initiative called Movember, and we challenge you to grow one for the cause, too.

Keoki Young showing off his mo
Keoki showing off his Mo during
Movember 2010.

We first learned of the Movember initiative last year, when it became clear that a group of normally clean-shaven marketing folks were sprouting interesting-looking facial hair above their lips. Curiosity won out, and that’s when we came to know about this very clever organization, which raises awareness about prostate and testicular cancers by turning mens’ faces into conversation pieces about the cause. Funds raised through Movember go to Livestrong and Prostate Cancer Foundation to fund research, survivorship and awareness programs.

How does it work? Sign up on the Movember site and grow a moustache during the month of November. To be a real Mo, you’ll need to shave any facial hair you might already have. And if you join Team NVIDIA Fans and you are among the top five fans raise the most funds, you’ll win a stylish Team NVIDIA t-shirt.

NVIDIA employee Keoki Young started the Mo craze at NVIDIA last year, and is leading the charge again this year alongside NVIDIA co-founder Chris Malachowsky. Listen to Keoki talk about his interest in the Movember cause and watch some brave members of Team NVIDIA shave off their beards and moustaches on “Movember 1st” in preparation for a month of Mo growing:

So far, our employees are off to a good fundraising start, having collected $8,500 in just the first couple days.

So, do you want to be a Mo Bro alongside our adventurous NVIDIA team? Sign up on the Team NVIDIA Fans (click Join My Team) page and start growing your own Mo. Snap a few pics of your new moustache during the month to keep us up to date on your status.

Chris Malachowsky losing his moustache
NVIDIA co-founder Chris Malachowsky shaved off the moustache and
beard he had for 10+ years to get a fresh start for Movember.

Since the launch of the NVIDIA Foundation’s Compute the Cure initiative last fall, several hundred employees have participated in cancer education info sessions and activities like Movember aimed at fighting cancer by participating in awareness and prevention initiatives. We look forward to expanding these initiatives to include NVIDIA fans in the hopes that our combined efforts can increase the health and longevity of our friends and families.

The Team NVIDIA Fans Mospace page now boasts 11 fans. Help us increase awareness about men’s cancers by joining our Movember Team NVIDIA Fans Mospace page and raising funds for the cause. And, don’t forget – the top five fundraisers will win a snazzy Team NVIDIA t-shirt!